Ability to limit the audience of your posts to these forums.


When posting to this forum, whether it be it a suggestion for improvement or question to the community, it would be nice to be able to give the author of the post the ability to limit who gets to see their post.

For example, the user should be given a drop down list of "Audience" options when they create a post such as:


  • just Matterport staff
  • just Matterport staff and fellow MSP's
  • Everyone on the Internet

I think that there are definitely times when some of these conversations / ideas should be kept confidential (at least initially).

Anyone else feel the same? (please like this post if you do!)





  • Hi @ssquires32 I like your idea. Currently, they could be posted to the 'MSP' section of this Community so at this time they would be limited to MSP's & MP.

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  • Thanks for the additional Bill about being able to limit the audience to just MSP and MP.

    I think that there are times when the submitter may also want the ability to limit the audience to just Matterport staff only.

    I think that there are probably a few MSP's out there who would like to propose new ideas (for different markets for example) to Matterport without letting the cat out of the bag to the rest of the community.

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