Ability to create Scavenger Hunts inside of models for marketing purposes

This idea builds on Antonio Orlando's Easter Eggs idea in his post:

Essentially, I could see a lot of companies that might want to use the Easter Egg concept as a marketing tool especially when opening a new or renovated location (hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, ...etc.).

The primary use would be to allow clients the ability to offer scavenger hunts within their models as a way of attracting the public to take the time to tour through their models (in the hopes of winning prizes of course).

In order for this to work the Easter Eggs would have to be "virtual" and could be placed at any location within the model (randomly possibly).

It would also be ideal if the Easter Eggs only become visible if the user were looking in a certain direction at that particular camera location.

To make it even more interesting you could force the user to answer some trivia questions once they found the Easter Egg in order to earn the prize.

Once the Easter Egg is found it needs to disappear and/or moved to a new random location within the model (depending on how many prizes that the client wants to offer).

These kinds of events could, of course, be run as often as the client wants to.

At the moment it is probably possible to do this "manually" by using matterport tags within the model but I can definitely see some challenges of doing it that way.

That said, I'm pretty sure that clients would see the value in the ability to use this as a marketing tool.

As an example, I know of a rental company in Scotland that routinely hides a virtual bottle of whiskey somewhere in their "normal" web site and then sends out an email to their clients letting them know that if they can find the bottle of whiskey then they will win it.

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  • Awesome idea!

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  • Anytime Easter eggs are involved, you can count me in :) Awesome.

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  • The Matterport Javascript API could not come sooner! I'd love to have some sdkInit so I could load up some events after sdk.modelloaded and track some sdk.enterpano(s) and sdk.moves ... the only thing I question is whether or not we'll be able to create content overlays on the tours... :)

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