Blur photos to protect privacy

My client asked if we could blur their photos on the wall to protect their privacy. I believe that it should be a concern for anyone.



  • Hi @Eric Wang! Good question. Matterport's platform is not equipped to facilitate blurring. It's actually quite a process only because it's not quite like just photo-shopping a still image. For example, if you wanted to blur out a photo, you would have to go to every single scan location from where you could see that photo to make the corrections. There is a creative hack, however, which is a bit tricky to pull off, but can work. You can try and turn off scan locations from where you can see details of the photo, maintaining a minimum number of locations so that the 3D model is still complete. @Bill had such an experience before while scanning a school where the teachers forgot they had pictures of their kids on the walls. @Bill, any other tips?

    Eric, normally we suggest asking clients to remove all photos, paintings or wall hangings that might be valuable or sensitive in nature since it's not possible to blur objects after the scan is complete.

  • @Bill and @Matterport-Sibyl - Well that is a creative solution.

  • Hi @Matterport-Sibyl, Thank you for the solution. I'll try it out.

  • Hi there. I believe an alternative technical approach may be possible using some of the Mattertag logic. Just a blur 'tag' of adjustable size with zero stem length so you cannot see around the tag. Blur could be of two levels - partially opaque / full opaque.


  • @simonmodera Love it!

  • Might not be a bad idea to bring some kind of plastic sheet to hang over photos... don't know. But the way I got around this for one house where I wanted to protect their identity, was to remove the photographs to another room while completing the scan. It was for a friend of mine, but I understand if we're wary of doing that for "you touched my stuff" purposes.

    It would be nice to have a tool in the workshop that would allow us to create a blur box that hid or blacked out an area. Could be tied to the 3D model instead and then overlaid in the 3D view.

  • The problem with this solution is that while it would work fine while navigating the space because the "blurring mattertag-like blobs" would hide whats's behind them, the "uncensored" shots would be anyway available to the tech savvy.

    So that would be a problem, because if the property owner thinks that something sensible is not visible, and then someone posts a shot on facebook with that sensible thing "revealed", that's not a nice thing to happen.

  • Thus, your solution should be implemented by "projecting" the blurring blobs on the skyboxes' textures, to really, actually, alter the textures with a blurring.

    That would make your proposed solution more like a smart tool in Workshop to blur the cubemaps in some areas with a relatively fast process (and so when "applied", the cubemaps would be replaced by the edited ones), and I think it makes sense.

  • Okay, good thinking @Antonio Orlando

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