Combining scans from the same location in order to remove "people" passing by.

In some cases it's not possible to scan areas when people are not present and they will inevitably get recorded.

When a person walks by the camera as it is taking pictures we normally just delete the scan and take another scan.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that someone won't walk by the camera (and get captured) while taking the second scan.

What I'm wondering is if it's possible to combine the data from both scans (instead of scanning for a third time) and having the software figure out which objects were "transient" and automatically remove them from the shot?

This could also help in situations where there are laws against recording images of people without their consent.

Any thoughts?



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  • This is possible in some software and you can do it in photoshop for example. I think this would be a really good idea especially with the integration with google streetview. 

    At least have a setting where you can have the camera turn around twice automatically , create two images and allow us to do that work outside of matterport.

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