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I've been using the Matterport technology for four years and have experienced how much it has progressed in a relatively short period of time. During that time, as additional features such as the Highlight Reel, Mattertags, 360 Views) have been added, it's inherently become more difficult for viewers of a 3D Space. While the viewers have to learn how to navigate in the Space, they are also trying to learn what these new 'icon buttons' mean and how to navigate that 'space'. I think MP has done an excellent job of using universally accepted icons, but I don't think there are that many people in the world that have actually seen or used the 'VR' icon yet.

With the VR icon, MP has done a super job with more intuitive, interactive help. I'd like the Help to be modeled after the VR instructions and made more robust to cover Mattertags, 360 Views, etc.

Most viewers are still new to 3D and VR so anything we can do to help them become comfortable and embrace it quicker certainly helps us as MSP's. I would think having it available in different languages would shorten that curve globally, if it were possible.



  • Agree, good suggestion @Bill

  • Excellent points, @Bill! We've been releasing a bunch of new features -- and to your point, we could do a better job making them easy to understand and master. Passing this on to the team here!

  • Totally agree , as feedback that I have received from some clients and other Realtors have been that they do not understand that you can "walk" around the 3D space. This is especially true if a highlight reel has been done and the play controls are visible to begin with. When I observe someone looking at it, they only hit the play button and get the slideshow and then they think they are finished. To improve this , we could have an option in the Workshop to enable the current "Basic" navigation help to be the first thing that appears when the tour launches.

    The basic navigation help that already exists, I think, does a good job with explaining what to do. I would like the option to have it be the first thing people see when the model finishes loading, instead of having to click on it in the bottom right.

    Thanks for the great platform team!

  • Hi @scott-3,

    Although it's not in Workshop, I just wanted to let you know it's possible to force the help screen to come up with the use of the "&help=1" url parameter. If you add this parameter to the end of your Space link, anyone using that link to access your Space will get the help screen first.

  • Excellent! I'll keep that in mind and thanks for the response!

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