Release CoreVR for iOS - IS HERE!!

UPDATE to the update: IT'S HERE!!

UPDATE: I'm pleased to say we are committed to supporting Cardboard for iOS and we have seen the enthusiasm from the community, so we are closing comments on this thread for now.

We plan on releasing the Matterport VR (Google Cardboard) app for iOS later this year.

VR Spaces currently visible on Android will also be visible on iOS with no additional conversion necessary. More soon!



  • This is what our clients have been waiting for.

  • We need VR for iOS. Google Cardboard already works great on iOS. All we need is the app from you. We use iPhones, our clients use iPhones and almost all Matterport scans are probably done on iPads so it should be a top priority to get VR on iOS. I have yet to see a VR version or Matterport because I don't have a single agent or employee in our office that uses Android. Please make this Priority #1! Thank you.

  • While I agree that iOS support is important for completeness, good quality mobile VR is presently best supported on Android via the Samsung Gear HMD and the S6/7 range of phones, and unless Apple 'pull their finger out' it's likely to remain that way for a while.

    I have a long history with VR,( since the early '90s) and its always been clear that the best hardware/presentation medium possible at the time is essential to meet clients expectations and at the moment Cardboard is not it.

    The new version of cardboard 'Daydream' is also Andriod orientated and will improve matters but if you really want to impress with an immersive VR tour then I don't think the investment required to buy a new or pre owned Samsung and a Gear HMD is that significant compared to the funds already laid out for the Matterport camera.

    Just to show I'm not an Android 'fanboy' I have been a long term iPhone owner, all versions 1 through 5 but bought an Edge S7 specifically for VR and its now my main phone!

  • With 3650 out of 4000 of our visitors being iOS, it´s paramount to have iOS Cardboard support!

  • This year 62% of mobile visitors to our website were on iOS, and 35% on Android (that drops to 23% if you only look at Samsung branding). From our limited perspective iOS is clearly dominant. "Best experience" issue aside, does Matterport see substantially different usage stats on their side?

  • PLEASE!!!! ASAP, thank you!

  • This is such Great News! Does anyone know when the iOS app for cardboard might be available. I heard through the rumor mill that Apple has a large team working on the VR stuff. I hope we see a Matterport Announcement soon that all of us Apple people will be in the game as well.

  • This is great news; however, apple needs to step up their game on the screen quality area. They are way behind in pixel density (iPhone 7 326ppi) compared to the samsung products (Galaxy S7 577ppi). This is very significant in the quality of "VR" the end user will see. Anyway, Thanks for the update!

  • Would CoreVR on iOS work on an iPod Touch? If so, I would love if Matterport could create some suggestions on their site of Devices + VR Headsets to use.

    Since Cardboard is an open standard, Matterport would be missing an incredible opportunity by NOT creating their own Cardboard headset with Matterport Branding.

  • Matterport REALLY hit it out of the park with CoreVR. My clients have been thrilled about this and loved that I forwarded them the announcement e-mail. I've had calls of clients gushing and have just told them that this is the reason I offer Matterport services.

    iOS is definitely the ideal platform based on user share of professionals. We'll all cheer when it's done on this thread :)

  • @Matterport-Scott, hope you're doing fine. Do you have an update on the CoreVR for IOS release? Still one month in the year, but if it's delayed I'd like to inform our clients asap. Thnx!

  • Hi there @Matthijs Baaten, yes, we are still expecting to launch this year. This depends on Apple as well as our own developers, though -- if there's more detail, we'll update this thread!

  • Thanks for your quick response Matterport-Scott, looking forward to the release!

  • I can only assume this is an update for the timeline.

    @matthijs Baaten

    In reply to " is there any updates to core vr"

    Answer by Matterport-Sibyl 17 minutes ago

    Hi @tonyhealy! Fair question - so many people are curious to know. I can only say that it will be sometime early next year. ;) Stay tuned!


    I can only assume the timeline has moved?


  • The Matterport VR team has been working hard on iOS support for the VR app. We know how important this availability is to you, and we are still hoping to release it before the end of the year.

    That said, we want to be sure that accessing & sharing your own spaces in VR is as simple as clicking on a link regardless of your VR platform of choice. Some recent iOS updates however, fundamentally changed how iOS handles linking between apps, and we are building the infrastructure needed to support these changes.

    If we are able to complete this work as soon as we hope, and in a way that is consistent to how our Gear VR and Android apps currently function, then we will launch the iOS VR app by the end of the year. Otherwise we will still target a launch for early to mid January at the latest.

    We understand uncertainty is not ideal for planning, and we are as eager as you are to launch VR for iOS as soon as we able. I can assure you we are working very hard to make sure that the VR experience on iOS is as high quality as on Android, even if this does not afford us a clear cut launch date.

    We will update this thread once we have a firm answer one way or another.


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

  • Thanks for that update Keith, it is greatly appreciated. This is exactly what we need to know from Matterport in order to prepare those changes in our businesses. Thanks again.

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