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In creating a campus directory, the ability to search all mattertags (both web and mobile) would be awesome. Many large corporations struggle with maintaining and communicating where people are located. While this wouldn't solve the maintence portion, working back and forth from dollhouse to perspective would would be a much better method than 2D plans that many people don't comprehend.



  • @taylorcupp - This is an intriguing idea. Are you saying that you'd like to be able to use MatterTags to display information in the floorplan/dollhouse mode?

    Have you attempted to use labels on your floorplans? This works quite well.

    I'd like to hear more about your idea.

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  • The ability to see tags in floorplan and dollhouse would be nice but not necessarily required. I have experimented with labels but dont recall the ability to search them. Maybe I missed something? Anyway, I was more thinking the visual que of the Mattertag would still take place via the 360s. The core feature I'm after is the ability to search those tags for a name.

    I found this -

    Which would accomplish what I'm after. The downside being that the search feature and navigation is riding on top of Matterport. So, data to maintain in two places. It would be awesome to just accomplish in Matterport.

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  • @taylorcupp WHOAH. I have never seen someone go to this length to do this! It's pretty awesome.

    I've heard people wish that Matterport provided a mini-map for a while -- despite offering dollhouse and floorplan mode. The Matterport 3D tour is made possible by navigating a 3D object and those two modes involve shifting the view -- so adding a mini-map at the same time would require that Matterport serve up new assets -- a pre-rendered mini map with transparency. They already pre-render maps (these are files that sit alongside your tour that are presently inaccessible due to server based security restrictions) - however, these maps are JPG images with a solid black background. The would not be suitable for use. It is possible however, that Matterport could render images with a transparent background. It would highly rely on people properly trimming their models to look good.

    Concerning HOW they did this -- they have made a page with a map overlay, some very creative programming and used the &start parameter to create links that they use on their map.

    Hit 'U' during a tour to get a custom link.

    I would love EVERYONE to be able to have this sort of functionality. This would be a snap for Matterport to implement in the EXACT same way and I HOPE that they take a look at this. It's an excellent example of how there's some core features that would universally be great that is missing. I think that it's GREAT that 'floorplan mode' uses the pre-existing 3D model and seamlessly transitions -- however, it has two drawbacks:

    #1) It takes two clicks to get to -- therefore it's not obvious that it exists. This tour makes it obvious .... I --WANT-- to click it.

    #2) The 3D model provides us with a floorplan that can be zoomed and rotated. That's great, but a 2D pre-rendered floorplan would do the same thing as there's nothing animated about it. Relying on 3D prevents simultaneously showing the floorplan and the inside view.


    LOVE IT.

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  • This is an absolutely AMAZING feature you've added! Hats off to you. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I assume this is not yours. If you are interested, I can likely help you replicate this functionality. I'm intrigued by the possibilities.

    I truly believe that a mini-map should be present for Matterport Tours that is viewable during the tour. I find so many people are asking for this and many other platforms [that compete with Matterport in the same market] have this feature in their list of advantages over Matterport. I'm not advocating any other platform by saying this -- Matterport is the ONLY truly 3D platform that combines a 3D model with panoramas for a smooth, immersive experience. My point is only about there being a demand for a mini-map :)

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