Controlling 3D views and model navigation using iPad tilt sensors


I've seen other 3D panoramas that allow the view to be controlled simply by rotating or tilting the iPad.

Google has launched an App that does this:

I think that this is pretty cool feature actually and similar to the VR experience.

It would be very nice to give the client the ability to adjust the view this way as well.

Any thoughts?





  • Great suggestion, @atemporale. It would be cool to view Spaces this way and maybe just tap the screen to more forward. This is basically the way our VR Spaces are navigated, but without the goggles :)

    Thanks for writing in.

  • I agree this would be a great addition. I currently have a USA Today app which offers this functionality. Since the system must already be able to register device position changes for vr purposes I would think it should be possible to expand this to iPads.

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