Pausing a scan

I have a situation where I need to block out reflections on a display case. I have to place black fabric between the back of the camera and the light source creating the reflection but only while out of view from the camera. It would be very helpful if the scan process could be paused.

Since there is a built in stop for the imaging system when the camera is rotating this would only require a pause and resume command being sent to the motor.

Also helpful when people walk into an area being scanned. Like a store. This would save time.



  • I definitely agree that some sort of pause feature would be very helpful.

    We often find ourselves having trouble finding places to hide during a scan.

    It's always nice when you can just position yourself behind the camera and move with it as it rotates.

    Unfortunately, there's not always enough room to easily walk around the camera without bumping into the tripod (stairs for example).

    It would be nice to be able to tell the machine to scan a few sectors and then pause until the photographer has had enough time to get out of the way and hit the "continue" button.

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  • I have ran into this a lot on specialty scans especially. Scanning items in a museum and other things is very important to have control over the lighting in the room. Timing is essential and if there was a video of us running with all that lighting equipment I'm sure it would go viral. 

    Either way I really, Really, REALLY....Want a scan pause feature. It would open the door to many things. We could in theory join together dissimilar spaces.... and many other creative things.

    Thanks for this post!!!

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