When an Alignment fails the Capture App should allow the user to mark windows or mirrors and then hit a "try Alignment again" button but WITHOUT requiring a new scan.

When an alignment fails the user is generally recommended to move the camera closer to a previous scan location.

That said, it's quite possible that the alignment actually failed because the photographer forgot to mark a nearby window or mirror and moving the camera is actually unnecessary.

It would be better if the App were to give the photographer the ability to add this missing markings and then execute the alignment process again without having to re-scan from that position.

We all forget to mark things once in a while (especially the newer camera operators) so I can definitely see this feature helping a lot of people save time that is, at the moment, unavoidable.

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  • I like this, how about the failed alignment warning not only having the current "OK" button, but also a "Keep trying" button.

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  • Meaning - allow Mark Features and try again, right?

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  • Sometimes marking a feature is not the problem and actually what's needed is more alignment data instead of less. If Capture would just keep trying to align with the available data, it may get it. But, sure, it should also be possible to mark a feature before hitting the "Keep trying" button.

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