Ability to create the highlight reel as you take your snap shots

When I am taking snap shots for use in the highlight reel I generally take them in the same order in which I'd like the tour to happen.

It would be nice to be able to have the option to "build" the highlight reel on the fly as I take the snap shots.

At the moment, I have to drag the snap shots one at a time to the highlight reel after I've finished taking them which is a bit time consuming.

Alternatively, having the ability to select a group of snap shots and drag them to the highlight reel would be useful too.

Please like this suggestion if you agree! :-)





  • Love the idea, Stuart. I'm not sure what the best implementation would be, but to have some kind of checkbox that says "add to highlight reel", or just the highlight reel icon selected before capturing the Snapshot, would be great to have.


  • Great Idea. as a new member this little thinks do help. Cheers PdH

  • Love this idea, bonus points for adding the pan direction at the same time!

  • Yeah, this makes sense. We need a TRAC system so that requests like this can be added with a 'Greenlit' tag :)

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