Ability to create multiple highlight reels

I think that there are times when it's preferable to have multiple highlight reels.

For instance, lets say that you a client has a property with multiple detached villas that they want modeled - a good example is this one:

In this scenario, it would be nice to offer the client the ability to show each of the various paths leading to the different villas as independent highlight reels (instead of one long one).

In another scenario, you could have a large building like a hospital and the client wants to provide patients with separate highlight reels showing them which paths to take through the hospital in order to get to where they needed to go (radiology, x-ray, operating rooms, ...etc.).

There are a few other scenarios as well but I'm sure that you get the idea.

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  • How about groups? That way, there's just one highlight reel, but a thumbnail could open up a sub-group.

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  • Not sure I am properly visualizing what you're thinking Chris.

    I just want to be able to create multiple highlight reels and give each one its own name/description.

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