Placing scan positions on virtual floors in the Capture App in order to speed up reprocessing

At the moment, from what I've read in the forums, the cloud processing engine will use ALL of the scanned positions that are uploaded regardless of whether you've put them on separate floors or not.

This can be a hassle when you are having trouble with only small, specific areas of a much larger model.

To fix the problem sometimes requires a bit of experimentation with marking features or removing scan positions that may not have aligned properly.

In these instances it would be nice to be able to work with just the problem areas by moving all of the other scan positions to virtual floors that the processing engine will ignore at the next upload.

These virtual floors will need to have little check boxes next to them to indicate whether or not the cloud processing engine should process them or not.

Once you finish making your adjustments you could upload the model again and then be certain that the processing engine will ignore all of the scans on the VIRTUAL floors that have their "do not process" check boxes ticked.

This should considerably speed up the amount of time it takes to re-process the model and thus let you see whether your edits fixed the problem or not.

At the moment you can be waiting hours to get the reprocessed model back (depending on how big it is) which is a real pain in the ....

Once you've sorted out the problem you would then simply move the other scans back to the floors where they originated from and re-upload again (or simply un-check the "do not process" check boxes).

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