Ability to "replace" a scan position that is causing a misalignment with new data and then recompute all subsequent scans from the new data.

It would be very useful to be able to replace a misaligned scan with a data from a new scan and then have the Capture App re-compute all of the subsequent scan positions that were based on the incorrect data from the previous scan position.

It is currently very easy to not detect when a misalignment problem occurs during the scanning process. Depending on how soon you notice the problem you may have to re-scan quite a few positions simply because one scan misaligned.

It would be much more preferable to be able to simply identify the "suspect" scan position and replace it with one or more new scans of that area.

(It will probably be necessary to also provide us with some tools to help determine which scan position was responsible for causing the misalignment though)

Once the replacement scans are completed the App would then need to use the data from the new scan(s)" to chronologically re-compute the rest of the scans that were dependent on the data from the replaced scan position.

I see no reason why this shouldn't be possible from a technical point of view and I'm quite sure that it would save a lot of aggravation for the MSP's in the future (everyone gets stung by a misalignment eventually!)

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