Outdoor Scans

I know there is a big limitation for scanning outdoor and the 360 is a good work around. But being able to scan outdoor would be incredible. Even if it mean buying a new camera with GPS or something so it would know where it is outdoor. Being able to go form inside to outside would be a great benefit.



  • Hey @josh, cool idea, but love to hear more!

    For you and your clients, what's the main advantage? Being able to do show the outside of the house in Dollhouse / Floorplan view? Or being able to measure stuff outside, or something else?

    Or is it primarily the simplicity of not having to switch between 3D and 360 Views?

    ...I think this is a great idea, but the more you (and everyone else) can spell out the biggest advantages, the more helpful it is!

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  • The idea would be to create a seamless experience when moving from inside to outside. For a residence, it would mean being able to walk out a slider door and go into the back yard. For a commercial property, it would mean being able to start out Infront of a building and being able to walk into the lobby and then into the space. The current experience is a bit choppy. clicking on the 360 scans is a nice addition, but it takes you out of the immersive vr environment. Dollhouse and floorplan are not as important to me compared to the immersive experience.

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  • I would also love to see this. For construction porojects that need inside and outside views, having a seamless transition and feel of the same environment throughout would be great.

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