Simple Brightness / Contrast Adjustments

Some of my tours are dark. Some of them are dark because the space itself was dark. Some of them are dark because the camera created a well balanced tour at the cost of brightness.

As Matterport Spaces are rendered by platforms that would allow shader adjustments, I would like to suggest the inclusion of some very simple controls in Workshop to allow for global adjustments to tours.

I would imagine this being done similar to bracketing with a camera -- -10 -5 0 +5 +10.

Here's an example tour that would benefit from a boost:

Here's a simple example of how Three.JS, which Matterport uses, can use shaders to accomplish this:



  • Hello Chris, 

    Thanks for sharing your post. We have the same issue with one of our virtual tour. 

    As you can see -> the brightness is really strong and it would be great to adjust the contrast and brightness. 

    Our client found that the color rendering was not representing the real color. 



  • Is there any plan to implement the ability to make colour / brightness adjustments to tours?



  • Please can you let us know when you plan to implement brightness / contrast adjustments?

    The blacks in particular are just that little bit too crushed for my liking on the tours I've produced so far – I much prefer the look of the results from the Giraffe 360 camera that I've just come across:

    Take a look at their sample imagery – the results are slightly less punchy but to my eyes more realistic as a result.

    How many votes does a product request need before it's actioned?  :-)

    Many thanks,


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