Edit VR Collection Link

I am about to print a batch of google card boards with QR codes to point to content, it would be nice if you could go back into a URL that was created and edit the shows that were contained within that collection.

This would also be great when cardboards are printed for clients so that their content can be updated without having to reprint cardboards.

Looking at the current tool suggests that this is a once off tool and not editable.



  • Thanks for posting this, @Lindsay! Other CoreVR users, if you're interested in this functionality, hit "Like" so we know what to prioritize for you. :-)

  • I am ALL for the static URL for VR collections but how about the same thing for the "regular" models as well? How about an automatic static link for all the models in a "my.matterport" folder?

  • I agree that an automated one would be very nice for all public Spaces and maybe by folder as well, if you have a "portfolio" folder.

  • Update: I have found URL shortener allows the underlying link to be edited after the initial post. For every new model, I log into rebrandly and add the models code to the underlying link. Works great. Hope this can help someone else.

  • Thanks for sharing that link. It looks awesome.

  • Hi Amir was this idea ever implemented ?   i have a work around whereby  i have my own QR code for my own site which i can then control where the redirect points to if the mp collection link needs to be change, but its a bit messy. 


  • Hi Lindsay,

    Matterport can't generate QR codes at this time and can't alter the content of a Collections link, but I believe may be able to help.  With their services, you can keep the short rebrandly link and edit it anytime to change the destination link. 

    I hope that helps. 

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