Smaller hosting plans

I am getting most of my work from commercial sectors like vacation rentals, apartment rentals, and retailers. I would love to offer them smaller hosting plans for their models. For example a 50 - 25 model plan, I noticed that is hard to convince clients into a monthly service plan at $49 to host just a few models in some cases just one.



  • Hello there @Rick Lozano! To make sure I'm understanding, you have clients that want their model to remain available online, but it is tough to sell them on a $49/plan, correct? If so, that makes total sense! :-)

    This is something we're investigating, as it's an increasingly common need. In the mean time, I've heard of some MSPs hosting the models themselves, for a fee negotiated with the end user. For example, "For $xx/month or year, I will host you model for you."

    Would that be workable on your end?

  • I am currently in negotiations with a rental company to shoot 13 models and they want to host themselves after the first year so would be nice to offer them a smaller plan. I think MSPs would like that option as well to open up some space on their main hosting account, like having a sub-account to offer clients lower monthly plans.

  • Ah, that helps, @Rick Lozano -- thank you, the detail really help guide discussions here!

  • Host all of your own tours. If you're scanning enough, the monthly fees will subsidize the processing fees. Until you hit 300 tours, this shouldn't be a problem as long as you have momentum. After 300 tours, say a prayer every night that the soft limit that you're reached goes unnoticed by Matterport.

  • I think it would make sense to offer customers a separate hosting plan that can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or that they are able to download the file to their own web host. I don't see clients wanting to pay $49/month additional as most of them probably have their own website that is hosted by a web host already and paying for that too. Most photographers have multiple options where they can provide their content tours, pictures and video. Rather then have to worry about running out of hosting space and paying for clients space for years to come.

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