Ability to step backward few scans when view space

When you walk to something scan by scan, say, A----B-----C-----D(now), to see things, but sometimes you need to see things at C again, it can not easily back to C.

But in reality, it is easy to step back few scans.


I find I did not clear my idea. I should say `step backward` instead of `step back`

I cannot upload the image to the post ( the progress bar say like this: 0% ----1%-----30%----undefined%, maybe issue of my network), so I upload the image to google drive.

If I want see the dinosaur, A scan:

walk a little closer, B scan:

more closer, C scan:

I want more! D scan:

Oops, It is too close to see the Dinosaur, I want step backward to C scan.

I had to turn back, walk to C scan, but in reality, I can step backward to C scan directly!



  • I have to disagree with your statement. It is very easy to move from one scan position to the next - viewing models is one of the strongest features of the Matterport system.

    All you have to do is turn the model with your mouse or fingers and click or tap on the previous scan position, and you're back.

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  • Hi @iamaplayer,

    There may be something in the Space that's preventing you from going back to a previous scan position as you described. If you can share the link to your Space, I'm happy to have a look.

    - Amir

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  • @Matterport-Amir Thanks. That is not something about invisible wall. This is general idea. I'll clear my idea in the main post later.

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  • @chrisandkarenmang Thanks for your comments. Maybe I did not state my idea clear. I'll make it clear in the main post later :-)

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