Ability to be able to keep images taken from snapshot of deactivated scan positions.

In many models I will take scans at varying heights especially in the bathrooms. I find lower height snapshot images are able to capture more of the room. That said, I disable those scans for the final product being sent to clients as I prefer a consistent height for people "walking through" the model. In order to disable the scans though I first have to download the images I took and then delete those images before I can deactivate the scan. Why, oh why, can't we be allowed to keep the images and still deactivate the scans? Another example is that I often scan in corners to take images from that position. I don't like those scan points in the live "walk through" though because users who click on them will zoom into a corner of a wall. Same issue. In order to deactivate those scans I first have to download and then delete the images. It's actually a major frustration.



  • You got that right - very annoying and a time consuming chore.

  • I too would like this capability. Often the best 'start view' pic isn't appropriate to leave on for the walk through.

    In regards to corner shots though, I leave them on 90% of the time. I found when working with clients in interior design that I could not predict what viewpoint they would prefer when looking at a space. So for me, allowing them to walk into a corner and view the entire room from that angle is ok.

  • I understand that we are not allowed to disable a scan that is being used as a snapshot (or take a snapshot of a disabled scan). I understand that adding the snapshot to the highlight reel wouldn't work as the scan is disabled.

    However, there are times that someone would like to take a snapshot AND disable the scan. I also understand that I could take the snapshot, download it, delete it and then disable the scan. That's silly though, especially if collaborating or wanting to leave the image within the downloadable images.

    Also, consider that we can set the default image for the tour with a scan that we might disable ... nothing wrong with that.

    I have a scene in a bathroom wherein the angle of the shower/tub is fantastic, but the camera was unavoidably caught in the mirror. Therefore, I'd like to snag that shot and LEAVE it in my resources.

    Please consider simply prohibiting snapshots for disabled scans from being usable on the highlight reel, but retaining our ability to take snapshots with it.

  • Am I going crazy or did we not have this ability for a little while? I swear that a few month's back I could disable a scan point that I had taken a snapshot from, and I didn't have to first delete the snapshot. But now it's back to how it was... snapshot must be deleted before scan can be disabled. It's VERY annoying.

  • It's unfortunate as there certainly IS a reason that Matterport prohibit this (b/c it cannot be used in the highlight reel) -- but I think that the correct fix is to just not allow it in the highlight reel :)

  • Agreed. If it's a snapshot that is going to be in the highlight reel it makes complete sense that the scan point cannot be deactivated. For other ones though, it's very time consuming to go through to delete the offending snapshot so that the scan point can be deactivated. And again... I swear that for a while we WERE able to deactivate the scan without deleting the snapshot. I wonder what changed.

  • I just shot a 360 of the exterior of a house and now in Workshop I see that all exterior 360 scans are "disabled scans".  Why is this ?  Can I "UN-disable the scans?

  • Hello George,

    You can "un-disable" those scans. If you go back to 3D scans and 360 views you should be able to do this by clicking once on the 360 view and then clicking the small "show button" As long as you don't see the eye symbol with the slash though it you know you're good. Here's a screen shot to help:

    Note that it is easy to accidentally hide the 360 scan when you double click to open up the 360. To avoid this I always double click as far to the right as possible.

    Hope that helps.


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