Lock axis(s) on Measurement Tool

The measuring tools are neat. They are useless though if one is measuring between two walls and is attempting a straight line but ends up a bit lower and a bit off. It would make sense to be able to lock one or two axises while drawing from one point to another -- not to mention that this would speed things up considerably.



  • Good news :) You should already be able to accurately measure a straight line between two walls - assuming the wall you start on is flat.

    1. Use the measuring tool to set your start point on one wall.
    2. Move the cursor slightly off that start point and then try to move it back to the same start point.
    3. Once the cursor is hovering over the start point again, you should get a perfectly perpendicular line running all the way to the opposite wall.

    Play with that and let me know what you think and if it works as a good solution for this problem. Of course, if you see where it can be improved, please let me know.

    - Amir

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  • I've found that this DOES work kind of well in 3D Model Mode -- but not on Floorplan Mode. Measuring in floorplan mode makes more sense to me as the Y-axis doesn't exist... but there's no snapping there for drawing a straight line.

    I do love how the snapping works in 3D mode -- BUT -- if I want to start measuring and ONLY move across one axis, I still cannot do this. I recognize that in drawing a line, I'm likely moving across both the X and Z axis, so I'm literally NOT wanting to JUST lock down to a single axis -- BUT! I'd like to draw a STRAIGHT LINE and it's hard to understand what that is in any mode except for floorplan mode... at least for me!

    Does anyone here use the measuring tool often enough to want to comment?

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  • Very true. In the floor plan view mode, that trick doesn't work. Even though the measurements made in the floor plan view can only be seen in the floor plan view, it would be nice to be able to hold the Shift key, for example, to constrain the line to specific angles.

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