use 3D views separately from the space

I wish there was a way to use the 3D views outside of the space - like you would with other 3D cameras.



  • @danielle I think that every single Matterport Camera owner is advocating that Matterport allow downloading of panoramas.

    It's redundant, but the best solution would be to keep a Ricoh Theta S handy ($400) and to snap the same 3D views independently.

  • Really? A Ricoh Theta? If a 360 isn't done with a professional camera and a decent stitching software, you'll only make yourself look foolish. The grainy effect will turn your potential away.

    But yes, it would be nice if we didn't have to work twice.

  • That was of course the point :) Most Matterport users aren't going to have a DSLR with a panohead and a fisheye at their disposal. The Ricoh Theta S is a decent little gadget for exterior panoramas. I'm not a fan of the device, but as far as it's application to a situation like this, I think it's apt.

  • I just want the ability to zoom out to 0% on the snapshots. Then I could download the entire 2D photosphere. When is this feature going to happen?

  • I agree in needing to be able to show or shoot exteriors and have it show on the space. I shoot high end homes and using some of my DSLR exteriors, cover shot for example, and even some of my interiors instead of Snapshots.  So, importing additional images to the space is my hope.

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