Automatic Height Calibration in Capture App

I'm going to admit a dark secret.

Sometimes I set my tripod up ... and I think it's the right height... and then I finish the tour and I realize I should have lowered the tripod about 6-8 inches.

Sometimes I set my tripod up... and I think it's the right height... and then I finish the tour and I realize that I should have raised the tripod about 6 - 8 inches.

Sometimes I get it just right.

I have an idea. It's a 3D Camera, right? What if Capture had the ability to take a test scan and suggest an ideal height? Might be another great way to make Capture user friendly and generate the best results possible!



  • Great idea. I just try to judge the midway distance from the floor to the ceiling. Usually works out. I still like the reference to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

  • I would have thought that that would be too high! :) Depends on the ceilings I suppose!

  • Interesting. What criteria would the camera use to determine the right height? Room size? Ceiling height? Does available light factor in?

  • That's really interesting, Chris. Maybe I haven't looked at my results as carefully, but I normally try to set the center lens to average visitor height. If, according to US standards, average height for women is 5'4" and for men it's 5'10", I'll guesstimate the center lens at about 5'7".

    I feel that's worked out in the past regardless of ceiling height, but will try to pay better attention next time.

    I'm not sure if this helps, but you can now preview the 360 pano associated with any scan position in Capture. That may help give you a sense of whether you should raise/lower the camera.

    - Amir

  • You would think that an average of 5'7" would be prudent especially if the viewer is exploring a space in VR mode

  • That's actually the exact height I try to go for too. I'm 5'10" (average!) and so I try to line up the camera a bit below my eyes ... but at times, I look at the tour afterwards and realize it was higher than it should be...

    The idea of previewing the 360 is not a bad one...

    I think that using 3D data to detect optimal height is a pretty good idea though :) And if Matterport decided that 5'7" was optimal, the 3D Scanner could at least return the height of the camera, right? That might be useful data to show -- a little status of the height of the camera...

  • For real estate I set the lens at 60" - it's the eye height of the average American female. They drive the decision so I figure it's best to appeal to their viewing the most. A 'scratch' on one tripod leg allows for quick/accurate setting.

  • Great suggestion, Bill. I was just thinking a nice, low-tech solution like marking the tripod could work out really well.

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