Option to make a copy of a showcase

In our account we have the option to "DELETE" "MOVE" or "RENAME" any model. I can see why having a copy of a model without the client's details showing. Does anyone else see the benefit of being able to request a copy of a model?



  • Hi Lisa

    Presumably are you refering to making a copy post processing as you can make multiple copies in Capture? @Lisa Hinson

  • @simonmodera Yes a copy that already has all the disabled scans taken care of, etc..

  • Yes, useful. Agree.

  • Great suggestion, Lisa. I totally agree a customer facing copy option would be awesome!

  • @lisa Hinson I would like this feature a lot. Being able to copy a model that has already been processed and post-produced would be helpful

  • Great idea you get my vote

  • Yes, this would make live easier.

  • me to great id

  • Great idea. Please incorporate the duplicate showcase option! Thanks.

  • I would love this feature. I'm having to re-upload to create a copy. Very time consuming....

  • Hi all, is there already a concrete plan to enable this kind of feature? (howcase to be duplicated?) I have a model with walkthrough guided tour and should also deliver another version with slide show guided tour.  would be great, thanks!

  • Yes, I would love to have this feature too. Hopefully Matterport can add this soonest.

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