Permissions for temporary access or pay-per-view opportunity


I have seen some subjects regarding it but never seen any solution or a start of one.

It could be great to have another kind of permission. Public or private are too restrictive, and avoid a lot of business in my case.

Some of my potential client would love to be sure they can share a link and be sure this one will not be usable by others (special in luxury real estate). I know we can use some web page protected area, but once we are in a simple show source code reveal the real link and this is the end of solid potential business model...

An alternative based on API, Token or at minimum restrict showcase by referral url (hack-able, but more complex to notice and reverse engineering it) or any other way can enable the possibility to restrict it people with a password and enable a pay per view like options.

Museum and city tourism department I'm in touch are really interested by this opportunity. And for sure that will lead to a new kind of scan opportunity for everyone.



  • @olivier Great suggestion. This is an idea we have discussed and have heard before from our community. I will surface this to the right team here. We understand the importance of being able to share out links and that a binary private/public permission type doesn't offer or address all the use cases. Would love to hear other thoughts or suggestions from community members on this!

  • I suggested similar features already end of 2015 as great features and I´m still of the opinion that advanced access features (password or form protected space) as also a pay-per-view (view full space for a period of time after payment & view selected views for free) option would be very useful.

  • I think it is a really important feature. I work meanly for real estate agencies and most of the luxury ones are interested in protecting their models because the owners are not willing to show their homes publicly. The agencies can get in trouble if someone shares the link, what it's pretty simple, so they chose other tools instead of Matterport. I have already lost three interesting business because of this issue.

  • Do the agents on the luxury homes also restrict access to the listing information and photos? I'm not questioning the need to restrict access, or the reasoning behind it - I'm asking to build my own understanding of the situation more fully.

  • This Feature will not only be great for luxury real estate (museum, insurance...) . But we had requests to put a password on some of our scans. Sometime a paint on a wall or piece of art worth more than the house... and owner can't move it during the scan, then they don't want everybody with a link can have access... There are a million of reasons than you want to share something with only specific people anf having a full control on it. specially currently with the painfull "Sorry, statistics are not available at this time." we have no way it know if our scan have been shared more than we wanted ...

  • Yes, they also restrict access to the photos. They only show the sensitive information to a selected group of clients. @Oliver describes pretty well some of the reasons the models cannot be public. Thank you

  • Thank you @Olivier and @soundu for the clarification.

  • I too would love to see this enhancement

  • Any movement on this?  It would allow for so much more business.

  • Hello - do we have any progress on this matter?  I'm interested in possible 'pay per view' access to scans.


  • Sorry, it hasn't been implemented yet. 

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