Ability to let the Capture App know when a particular scan is in a transition (doorway) between two rooms such that the App will work "harder" to get the alignment to work.

When moving from one room to another it can be very difficult for the capture app to successfully align.

This seems to be primarily due to the fact that it cannot see enough data from scan positions in the previous room once the camera has been moved through the doorway into the next room (especially if the door is at a 45 degree angle).

I believe that the capture app uses a default "timeout" setting when it is trying to calculate alignments.

If it can't compute the camera's new position within X number of seconds it simply gives up.

Normally this default timeout value is enough for the system to work out the camera's new position when it has plenty of data to work with.

However, when the camera has been moved from one room into the next room and it has only limited data to use from a partially open door (as well as bad geometry) then it appears to struggle and gives up after the default "time out" value has been reached.

I suspect that, in those situations, that if the default timeout value was extended by 10 to 20 seconds then it may be able to converge on the solution and thus work out the camera's new position.

If that is the case, then there needs to be a way for the user to let the App know that this is the current situation, the scan position is in a new room, there is limited data to work with and that it should use a longer timeout value than normal.

Additionally, as others have suggested, I think that it may also be useful to allow the photographer to "help" the capture app to know where the "new position" of the camera is. The App can then use that as its "initial" position for its algorithm and hopefully converge on the solution faster.



  • Makes sense to me... the timeout seems to always occur at the exact same spot for me. I wonder what's really going on ...

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  • Maybe being able to tag a doorway the same way you can tag mirrors and windows would work?

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