Ability to check the scan preview while you are scanning

The recent ability to check the preview of a scan position is a great new feature.

What would make it even better is if the Capture App allowed you to check the preview of an old scan position while the camera is actively scanning a new position.

It is possible to mark features while the camera is scanning so hopefully having this ability is also possible.

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  • I agree, and was thinking the same thing just yesterday. When the preview facility was released I wasn't that exited and didn't think I would use it. But I do all the time and it would be fab to be able to preview the previous scan while the camera is capturing the next shot rather than having to wait until it has transferred data. Keep up the great work matterpoet

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  • It would definitely help the on-site workflow. It would save a lot of time and keep the tour moving.

    As it is, while the camera spins, I'm often posting on forums, reading news and now I'm playing Super Mario Run (because there's a pause button on the game) in 30 seconds increments while scanning. It makes scanning large spaces go by pretty fast :) Just be sure you're good at multitasking :)

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