SQFT Calculation Tools in Workshop

It would be nice if Workshop would provide model statistics such as a calculation of how many SQFT / square meters the camera itself has scanned. This would of course not be an accurate representation of the size of the building being measured but would enable us Matterport Service Providers the ability to accurately bill our clients based upon what we've scanned.

I believe that the camera is sophisticated enough to be able to provide the needed metrics and that this feature would be a winner!



  • Very interesting and exciting idea, @Chris Hickman!

  • I'm bumping this one once again.

    I had a 3rd party tool that extracted this information from Matterport Tours. The calculations were already done by Matterport and the data was extremely useful.

    Now there are more 3rd party tools in the works that I'm aware that work, and I think it's a bit silly that Matterport have not yet provided this information as 'Estimated SQFT Scanned'. There's a huge passionate userbase of MSPs who would love and benefit from this information with billing and subcontractor management being target applications.

    Please consider this a high priority. The calculations that you guys did stand up very well to the actual SQFT when adjusted for inside walls, etc. -- and they stand up PERFECTLY when the expectation is simply to know how much SQFT/M2 were actually scanned.

  • I do agree. I find spending so much on something that doesn't fully meet my needs and I'm sure the needs of many is a little annoying. It's cool being able to use the "measure" tool but time consuming for each room. The only 2 places I've shot since getting the camera a couple of weeks ago have both asked for sizes. But don't get me started on the "why's" for this technology. A lot of things don't add up for me. I just hope Matterport recognise the needs of others and fast.

  • Agree this would be a nice feature to have.

  • I just used a 3rd party tool to identify that the previous tour I shot was 6600 SQFT including outside walkways, etc. This was imperative to billing. The client in question will have collaborator access to his 2 models and it would be lovely if he could see the SQFT scanned too simply to add credibility to my pricing and to make this a very black and white subject.

  • What was the 3rd party tool Chris? I just used the measure tool and calculated it. Then photoshopped over the floor plan view.

  • There are 2 third-parties who have solutions, one is public, one is not.

    This tool requires the OBJ file that can be downloaded from Matterport Cloud and should fully comply with Matterport's Terms of Service.

    Calculations are quite accurate, but in a 1-to-1 comparison with Matterport's SQFT calculations from models prior to 2017 that contained data that other tools used to provide this information, there's a slight difference. This is because Matterport was basing calculations off of patched OBJ files (wherein small areas inside the model that were overlooked would have a patch with nearest color matching applied to it). Calculations are still quite good and can be used for billing. The calculation will always be less than what Matterport's calculation would be as patches are not included.

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