Apple Watch Scan Button

just a scan button that interacts with the capture app.. i've left my iPad on counters so many times, but would cut down on the running around if i could just hit scan on my watch!



  • That's a VERY good idea. Apple Watch could also be used to preview the panoramas -- the previous pano could be sent to the watch! This idea opens up all sorts of neat possibilities and would establish just another reason why Matterport is the market-leader, trend setter and innovator in this field!

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  • I would recommend an iPad case with a strap instead. You really want the ipad with you when you're scanning to know if the scan position misaligned. Sure, the Watch app could tell you if it failed to align, but there's no warning for misaligned scans. You just have to see the blue dot's position on the minimap relative to the other scans to judge whether it's misaligned or not.

    I know carrying the iPad with you all the time is annoying and will get heavy after a while. The a case strapped to your shoulder, it's really no longer a problem and you can look for misaligned scans :)

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