Ability to export 360 panorama images for advanced marketing on facebook

Facebook will soon support "360 photos", therefore it would be very useful to be able to export scan positions to a 360° photo to share a space on facebook. To recognize these pictures the right meta data is important.

Details on FB here:



  • Support on FB has already been launched.
    Here an example:

  • More on Facebooks 360 features for video & images here:

  • Super cool idea, Marcus! This is really exciting stuff -- and I know that we'd like to have Matterport content compatible with as many platforms and technologies as possible. Are there others you think are as promising, or is this really the main one you're excited about?

  • MSPs wouldn't appreciate this, but I'm sure that Matterport would love to export panos with their logo superimposed to it :) Like the schematic floorplans.

  • Could I suggest that links in the community open in a new tab?

  • I would love this my customers want to use the technology to the maximum, and facebook 360 support would be great

  • It´s similar to the MOST WANTED export for street view. I am MSP and my customer want these features. Therefore if I can´t offer that, no money for matterport, cause then I use something else like Theta S or

  • If MP won´t offer this, somebody else will and to generate a 3D model in the future from an existing space, there´s no need for a 3D scan device from MP.

  • It works now, you can convert all your snapshoots to fb panos on

  • It would be awesome to see the export capability implemented, I already have some clients in the GIS (mapping) space, that want to embed the 360 views into web mapping applications.

    It would also be good to export these for use in Pano2VR, for areas that can not be fully scanned.

    It doesn't seam like it should be that hard given we can already download the OBJ files.

  • I think this would be a fantastic idea. It gets my support 110% Please make it happen. :-)

  • Hi every one. Does anyone know how i can save to my dawnload and save to my computer the 360 view? under jpeg or other extension . Thanks for your advises.

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