Offline VR Collections?

Just pulled a few of my models together as an example for a client to show how easy it is to create a gallery of their properties/spaces but realised despite the models being downloaded to my device there is no way to access the collection without WiFi or mobile data.
While the online link is great for sending out to interested parties or printing on brochures for first time visitors the client also wants to use the VR at events where there often isn't a decent phone signal or WiFi.
I also tried to create a link on the Android desktop using the Collections URL but that only sends the device to the 'What is required for VR' webpage.

Would it be possible to create a collection that could then be accessed offline by placing a link on the Android or iPhone desktop that would fire up the Matterport VR app and access a previously downloaded collection?



  • David - you need to get the showcase App for the iPad.

    You can then download your models as well as some other ones from the gallery to show potential clients and you won't need to be connected to the Internet :-)

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  • I have the iPad showcase app for offline viewing of models but that isn't a VR collection.

    A VR collection works with either a Goggle Cardboard or Samsung Gear HMD and is totally different.

    Any thoughts @Matterport-Amir or @Matterport-VR ?

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  • Hi David,

    The problem isn't the lack of wifi in this case. The problem is the collections folder that gets created when you use the collections link. Once the VR application is terminated, meaning it's not running in the background either, the collections folder is removed from the app and all that remains are the Spaces that were downloaded and viewed. You'll find these downloaded VR Spaces in the recently viewed folder.

    To get the folder and it's content back, you just have to open the same collections link again. Assuming you're on Android, that will work whether you're on or offline, since the collections data is still within the VR app for Android.

    I can certainly understand the interest in creating organized folders within the app for all your Spaces, but collections are not the solution for that. Collections were initially designed with the intent of being temporary. For example, you want to show a home buyer a few Spaces so you quickly through them in a collection and scan the link before you head out to meet them.

    I hope that helps.

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  • @Matterport-Amir

    Thanks for your answer.
    Yes I realised the downloaded models are in the recently viewed folder and I pointed this out to a person I use as my 'non-technical sounding board' :-)

    They suggested to me that a builder with a range of homes for example might like to have a virtual catalogue of these saved to a device that could be used when at an exhibition or even on site in the sale cabin when the various homes were not yet finished or available to view.

    As this device would only be used for this purpose and would most likely be operated by non technical people they wouldn't want to have to search through several menus to find the recently viewed folder, in other words to make it 'idiot proof'.

    So I think I'm looking at the suggestion of a VR capable version of the Showcase App for Android and/or iPhone that could contain a downloaded collection of models and be capable work with the VR models in either Cardboard or Gear HMDs.

    That solves both requirements of having an icon on the desktop and an offline collection of models.

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  • I certainly agree the ability to create permanent folders would be great. That said, either scanning the collection QR code or reusing the same link would bring it right back with all it's previous content. I understand it's not as efficient as just having it be permanent and completely agree it could be more "idiot proof."

    I like the suggestion and will certainly bring this to the attention of the VR team.

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  • Yes I realise that a rescan of the QR code will activate the link but it's the offline capability that would be very useful.

    Great, l hope the VR team like the idea as well :)

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  • @Matterport-Amir @Matterport-VR Has there been any further discussion about my suggestion of porting the 3D Showcase app to Android?
    It's a no brainer as far as I can see as it would allow us to create galleries of models that we can preload onto our devices and use with either Cardboard or what is plainly the best mobile HMD currently available in the Samsung GearVR.

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