Matterport needs to be more competitive with emerging platforms like Immoviewer

I am concerned with the capabilities of competing services that are offered by Immoviewer and GEO CV. Here are a few highlights of their platforms:

-Their 3D content can be directly embedded (natively) into Facebook. Matterport has promised this for well over a year!

-You can embed pictures and youtube videos directly into the hotspots (better implementation than matterport where you are limited to text only or a link to images/video in a new browser window). Theirs is a multimedia popup.

-The ability to force viewer to input contact information at certain points in the tour for lead collection.

-Immoviewer just finalized a deal with california association of realtors. Matterport still needs to ink deals with content aggregators such zillow and truly to increase visibility of their platform.

-If matterport is going to charge a premium for their hardware and cloud hosting, they need to offer premium capabilities that justify the costs.



  • Hey Harry,

    #1) Immoviewer serves as the 'missing platform' for building interactive tours using the Ricoh Theta S. The Ricoh Theta S itself is responsible for creating panospheres that can be directly embedded into Facebook -- or into Immoviewer. In other words, Immoviewer is not the reason that Ricoh Theta S panos can be posted to Facebook. There are quite a few MSPs who have purchased the cheaper-than-water Ricoh Theta S in order to create panospheres. While I am not a fan of the quality, it's a good stop gap solution.

    #2) Embedding rich media into Mattertags could not come sooner. Matterport have demonstrated this capability in a trial run with rich media embedding. (ref:

    #3) The ability to generate leads while in the tour is intriguing. This would be a perfect use-case scenario for the planned Showcase API, which again, cannot come sooner.

    #4) I would love for Matterport and Zillow to be buddies. Comparing Zillow to a regional Realtor association is not apples to apples. Zillow has seemingly shrugged off partnerships with Matterport -- or any other 3rd party tool -- in favor of their own app-driven video tours. I'd rather see a Matterport tour any day of the week than a shaky video or a highlight reel of the best angles.

    #5) Showcase, CoreVR and Schematic Floorplans are premium capabilities viewable that we offer our clients via Matterport. The Matterport Cloud's automatic processing is a premium capability that saves us hours of time and delivers a consistent product. The power of Showcase alone sells Matterport tours as it delivers the most immersive experience of any panorama virtual tour system.

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  • Thanks for your reply and thoughtful observations, Chris. To add value as an MSP it is important that we can add services to our core 3D scanning business. Being able to upsell clients for mattertags, floorpans etc are an important part of our business. Furthermore, it would make a lot of sense to add features such as multimedia embedding (into mattertags) so professionals (MSPs) can charge for added content. For example, a mattertag on a window overlooking the ocean could contain video of the view at sunset with aerial video. These features would be challenging for the average realtor because of the Part 107 requirement for commercial drone work, but a great feature to add for professional MSPs. I'd love it if Matterport offered advanced features like this that are MSP only. That way it keeps simplicity for the average realtor, and allows MSPs to offer something that goes above and beyond the basic stuff.

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  • Harry,

    Currently, Matterport offer 3 Cloud Plans. There is not currently an MSP plan or a Realtor plan. Do you think that advanced features should be made available to Professional and Business Cloud plans? Would that make sense to you?

    I cannot -wait- for Mattertag Embeds :) It will be a lot of fun!

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  • Good discussion points. Since all I do is MP, the more features we can offer, the more robust the final product and opportunity for add-on income.

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  • If I would get some special features for an additional fair pricing I think a MSP or Developer-Plan would be fine.

    If you can create a 360 Image with the right metadata you can also share a Matterportspace with 360 view to Facebook via the right HTML-Metatags.

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