How about a Blurring Feature?

For instance...if you needed to blur out a Sign or License Plate, etc.



  • You have my vote :)

  • Absolutely needed. I have clients that love the idea of scanning their manufacturing facilities, but are hesitant because certain things like product and equipment labels are visible. This adds a level of anxiety to those responsible for preserving trade secrets.

  • It would be GREAT!

  • I've only just noticed this thread after I started my own yesterday about hiding car license plate info. So there's certainly demand for the feature.

  • Has there been any traction in developing this feature? I feel its a necessity these days, the camera image quality is so good these days that we need to be able to obscure sensitive information like vehicle license plates, phone numbers and or family photos which are often visible in our scans.   

  • Yes, please have this blurring feature soonest. Thank you. 

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