Highlight Reel Preview in Workshop

I'd love to see a 'preview' of the Highlight Reel as one of the 'Views' in Workshop. Currently, one needs to exit Workshop and reload the model to watch the reel. Or, have two windows open to your MSP account to bounce between them.



  • Yup, just needs a 'play' button.

  • This feature would be very beneficial. It is very inefficient to exit Workshop, then hit play, then relaunch workshop. Having iterative viewing of changes is very important from an editing software standpoint.

  • I completely agree with you all and think it would be very nice if we could preview the Highlight Reel within Workshop. I currently use a workaround that is very simple and at least better than going in and out of Workshop.

    Basically, I'll have two tabs open, one with Workshop and the other with the Space in 3D Showcase. Any time I publish my changes in Workshop, I just need to refresh 3D Showcase to see my changes. Then it's back to the other tab if any changes need to be made.

    For sure that's not as good as just having the ability to play within Workshop, but it sure beats loading Workshop every time another tweak is required :)


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