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Okay, so I trailed my first automatic walkthrough using the good old play button and some screenshots. I think it's an awesome feature and answers a question I was asked by a client. It made it super simple to send a screen recording to them and they we're more than happy.

However, I found the whole thing could do with a quicker and easier way to add the tour.

I've attached an image to show what I mean but, if you could just zoom to floorpan and then add dots for the rooms OR mark the scan points you want the tour to navigate to and number them, it wouldve saved me about 20 mins of getting a bigger space I shot a bit backwards. There were a LOT of rooms and I didn't know which screenshot was which after a while.

Excuse the colours.

What do we think?



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  • You can already do this pretty easily.

    • Open the space in Workshop
    • Switch to Floor Plan view
    • Find the scan location, and double click it
    • Change the perspective to what you want and take a snapshot
    • Repeat the process for each scan location you want
    • Create your Highlight Reel
    • Shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    A viewer can easily hop from room to room by opening the Floor Plan view in 3D Showcase, and double clicking a room. Switch back to the Floor Plan to switch to the next room.

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