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Can I host my Spaces locally?

At this time, we do not offer a local hosting solution for your Spaces, nor is it on our 2016 product roadmap. By adopting a centralized cloud hosting strategy we are able to offer more efficient deployment, improved support, and frequent upgrades to our software products and services. At this time, we feel these benefits outweigh the advantages a local hosting solution might permit.

That said, if your Matterport implementation does or would require a local hosting solution, we’d love to hear about it! We may reassess local hosting as part of our future roadmap.


Would love to be able have localized hosting, especially being located outside the USA and dependent on the internet being 100% operational 24/7. The recent DDOS attack have shown how vulnerable we are with centralized hosting at/on matterport's servers only



  • Local hosting would be great for marketing uses of models. These need to have a usage license just like any other media. There are a lot of variables that make doing this uncomfortable. The biggest is contractual obligations should Matterport make changes that affect older models or if I stop offering Matterport services. If I stop but have licensed scans in use I have to maintain a subscription.

    If a competitor came out with a product that was comparable and the offered local hosting at competitive price points- I would switch in a heartbeat. iGuide who is too expensive and not as good of a tour system does offer local hosting.

  • Totally agree and I have mentioned elsewhere the next big thing that needs addressing is self hosting.

    I don't have an issue with the processing being done 'in the cloud' (although even to have that locally would be good), but I truly believe that once processed we should have the ability to download the full model and then host it on our own servers using a licenced embedded player.

    I don't expect Matterport to release their proprietary format but a licenced player that uses model identities linked to your player licence . That would prevent unlicensed use of models and would protect both Matterport and the creator of that model.

    An affordable annual service/support charge also tied to the amount of models being hosted in this manner would still give Matterport an income stream but then give the end user the ability to support and embed their own models on either their client's or personal servers.

    That is certainly something worth considering and will give us the users and much more secure feeling of ownership where at the moment I feel very vulnerable.

  • I totally agree with you guys. I became a MP service provider recently in China. Local hosting is the most essential thing I need now.

    As you might know, for some reason, the Chinese government has the control of Internet. Very bad....I got no issue while using VPN to display my scanned assets. However, for the clients who don't have VPN, they somehow cannot open the Showcase site or would take long time to do it. It's really hurting the feeling of our clients. There is 12-hour difference between U.S and China. I GUESS it might be due to the server maintenance.

    It is the top one issue I have now. Hope MP staff can take a great consideration of it.

  • I also agree with this. Some of our clients are nervous about the security of what is scanned and how it is protected "in the cloud." By have a local hosting option, the model could reside on their own servers behind their firewalls.

  • Also agree - especially here in Europe Government Organisations like e.g. Museums have an order so that this is a mandatory feature to be able to get hired.

  • Would this be different if Matterport posted more specs concerning their cloud hosting including stats on uptime, the security in place, etc.?

    When my clients ask, I let them know that they can download the scan to their iPad using the Showcase App and that the cloud hosting platform that is used is state-of-the-art, using Amazon's Cloud that delivers content faster than any other hosting option. I ask them to consider how YouTube is used for hosting videos due to its superior performance in streaming videos and the trust that people have in Google over a self hosted option.

  • Just out of curiosity, I would be very interested in knowing what exactly is meant by local hosting. @Marcus Morba, If a government has to host it themselves, that I can understand. However, I'm not sure what the security issues are without self-hosting. Not many people have servers in their house where they can host the Space. I assume that just means it would be hosted with a different company in that case. If that's the case, why would security necessarily be better?

    Other than government red tape, I don't really understand why self-hosting is an advantage. If anyone who knows more about hosting can help me out here, that would be very much appreciated :)



  • Hi @Matterport-Amir,
    here a simple exampel.

    When we scan something like the EPO-Artist Exhibition it´s no issue to host it on a Matterport-Server:

    When we should scan e.g. ALL the buildings of the in munich ( & e.g. for an indoor navigation system or for a facility management application due to security of the data they would need a intranet hosting only as this data should not be accessible outside of the EPO-Network. Also they have a base requirement not to have any dependency on a 3rd party service.

    And yes, maybe a organisation like the EPO is not many people, but they have a huge impact for our business. Sometimes 1 client is enough. Same situation and similar requirements we have with companies like Burda ( They own countless magazines and sites powered by and want to control and have charge of all the used content and without any dependency on a 3rd party.

    Also hosting with a different company could have advantages when custom solutions with a future SDK are developed. Security then is not the issue but flexibility and independency.

    I would recommend to add this as an option as extra service with additional costs.
    We have no problem hosting a public model on the Matterport platform and paying extra for more data access incl. a local hosting option.

    If you need more information, please send me an eMail so I can also provide some confidential and detailed informations.

  • Maybe also the option to choose a server location (US, Europe ...) would be an option for the future.
    Here a latest post from germany´s most important tech magazine:

    In short the message & headline is: "C't recommends: Get out of the US Clouds".

    Therefore for access to a UK, European or Outside US market you should think about this.

  • That's all very helpful and really great info to digest. Thanks very much for sharing your concerns and reasons for this interest.

  • Chris,

    I think that would be helpful. I'm in the AEC (architecture/engineering/construction) industry with a focus on manufacturing and industrial applications. Depending on the sensitivity of the area, it would be desirable to be able to access the model without having to rely on an external Internet connection. There are parts of manufacturing facilities that may be connected to the internal network without having access to the Internet.

    One of the problems with capturing this much data is that it can capture too much data. Most manufacturing facilities have tight controls over taking photographs, which can contain product and equipment information. Also, the ability for administrators and users to create point clouds and .obj files is both an asset and a liability. The ability to access point clouds more securely than a Dropbox folder would go a long way to alleviate concerns. Knowing what happens to the point cloud data information on Matterport's side once generated would also be very important. The problem is always that once the data is created, it can end up in the wrong hands.

  • Hi Amir, another reason for a local or advanced hosting due to browser security with iFrames is shown in your latest example:

    When I open a "Mattertag"-infolayer with an embedded movie and play it, the background sound from the main website (html audio) is still playing additionally to the audio in the movie. As the iFrame is from a different domain there´s no way to control the iFrame-Content with Javascript.

    So for the development of advanced experiences a solution without iFrame is necessary.
    For this a local player could still get the main data from a matterport-server via json.

    I really hope for a solution like this, cause also a player branding and ux/ui-improvements as also multilanguage-support would then be possible.

  • that's great input, Marcus. Thanks for much for taking the time to explain this. I'm happy to pass this on.

  • And here the latest recommendations just published from the government for "Cloud Computing". Hope this is interesting:;jsessionid=043A8EC31BB8019C54D85C589D135E47.1_cid351

  • I want to second that. In my short time as Matterport Service Partner, i already talked to several potential customers, who were extremly interested, but insisted on servers inside the EU. Not only goverment organisations but basicly every company big enough for an own information technology department has strict orders on that. US Servers are big red flags for every data security engineer in europe.

    I understand, that a private hosting solution will take some time and may be against matterports buisiness model, but at least give us the option to use amazons eu servers! This shouldn't be a big deal as Amazon Web Services offers servers in Frankfurt and Dublin.

  • A stand-alone player option that can be hosted from anywhere would be great, especially for long term hosting needs, like museums who are concerned about investing in a Matterport tour because they aren't sure that either Matterport, or my business, will be around for the lifecycle of the tour.

  • Jumping in on this.  First, I am truly enjoying this camera system and I am very happy with Matterport customer service.  It is #1 !

    On Local Hosting
    I see an immediate need for a local hosting option.  I have several current clients who want the models built, and stored on their private servers. I would also keep the model in my admin page, so I can access and edit it for them as needed.

    I understand Matterport makes money on the hosting plans, and I am happy to pay for a local hosting ability.  Telling a client they have to create and login to the Matterport page as an admin to see their model is not what they want to hear.  They want to log into their server with their credentials and see their model.

    Updates appreciated, thanks Matterport

  • @Garth Leach - Matterport Spaces can be locally hosted and displayed using the Matterport Showcase app for iOS.  This perfectly fits the use-case scenario of a museum exhibit.

    @Tobias - I love the CDN inquiry.  Curious to know what Matterport's Tech team would think of this.

    @Brandon Turk - You might also consider the iPad option and then set the models private after they have downloaded them.


    I do believe that in order to better serve MSPs and enable us to create content for specific needs, that porting the Showcase app to Android and Windows 10 would be EXTREMELY valuable and should be a TOP PRIORITY.  This allows more exhibition use-cases. 

    This, alongside educating MSPs of the use-case scenarios and providing white papers to help us provide information to government / municipal / private institutions would be a worthwhile initiative.


    I do NOT believe that locally hosing web-based showcase tours is a worthwhile initiative.  Showcase Web is a rapidly developing platform that is fine tuned for performance, constantly revised, tied in with world class CDN support, and would be completely silly to provide support for on an unsupported platform.  

    Allowing Showcase Web to be run on a local area network to display local content will also cause potential security warning bugs with browsers and would be pointless.  A dedicated application for local playback would be more reliable, have instant loading times, and require less IT work from either side of the equation.


    Concerning clients wanting to access private models -- we need private sharing links like DropBox.

  • All good points Chris, and in regards to CDN service, you will be happy to know that we are currently using a CDN service to deliver Showcase content in the EU.

  • Could you elaborate, what that means in terms of data protection? Are the models of european customers now stored on EU-servers or are you still using the amercian Amazon servers? I wasn't asking for a CDN service in general, but for the use of a european server. European companies and authorities don't want any of their data on servers located in the US.

  • As long as you can´t select the CDN (e.g. europe or germany) like on services similar to and also the legals are changed to this situation it does not make a difference for the data protection. Even if the "player"-content is on a german server, US authorities would have the right to access this data in urgent cases as MP is a US company.

    Also you can get sure that there are always data backups with the much more sensitive data (detailed 3D mesh and high resolution captured pictures as also 360 panoramas) from your scans on a US Matterportserver.

  • I addressed this already about 2 years ago when we started with MP and also much more issues according to the european and especially german demands as also for customisation on branding. Marketing agencies & retail clients don´t want a MP branded app, they want their custom branded app or an integration in their already existing app.

    No changes or improvements on this situation since then.

    You must regard that MP´s main area of focus are the US & Australian market. The interest from MP on EU countries in case of this, legal issues or language support is very limited as the ROI is too small for them at the moment.

    As long as there´s no SDK/API, as also announced 2 years ago, I don´t expect changes or improvements on this in the near future.

    Also for the computing of the tour and the 3D model I assume that all data will always first be transmitted to a US server.

  • Here a nice article from LinkedIn to just illustrate differences of the market a little.

    A nice example what to avoid is e.g. the Facebook autotranslation of the MP-Ads,
    which is really horrible.

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