Embedded Photography and Videos in MatterTags

A Mattertag link to a YouTube Video or an image file could easily be repurposed to automatically embed the content within a MatterTag.

It's amazing to see an image appear above MatterTag content or a video start and stop in a MatterTag.

This is a rather easy feature to add and it would be very easy for an MSP to understand how to use it. There's nothing needed to add to Workshop to implement it, and the code necessary to implement is minimal as I have managed to do this myself in a test environment.

I'd love Matterport to consider my idea for inclusion as I believe it takes the platform to a new level of awesome.



  • @Chris Hickman - I love it!

  • Love the idea!!!! A pretty useful and asked for feature... please Matterport add this

  • Great suggestions, @Chris Hickman. I hope to see this one built out at some point.

  • As one more added note -- having an image appear within the MatterTag as a thumbnail works well when combined with a lightbox feature wherein clicking (touching) expands the image.

  • Hi Chris, This sounds great! did you manage to do it yourself - I mean did it work well like you describe? because I have a client who is insisting on having photos/videos presented within mattertags before they sign the deal with me? I would really appreciate it if you can give me some perspective on how this can be done? does it require html/javascript or something else?


  • Hi Chris. Great idea, I have used another 360 camera last year that I had to stitch the images together. This software was 3D Vista and it had the feature to add both still & Video to run like Mattertags and it looked good. The only problem was the camera images were not good, so I bought the Matterport. I would love to have this feature, please all users in the community vote 'LIKE'. Cheers PdH

  • @nasir-fts Yes, I have accomplished this using jQuery and other exploits for code injection. My purpose in doing it was as a proof of concept that I have shared with Matterport and I am hoping that Matterport can use it as an idea for consideration.

  • Thanks for posting here! I'd love everyone to upvote this as I believe it's an essential feature -- and one that would not be too hard to implement! IMHO, Matterport have done all the heavy lifting already with their fantastic implementation of Mattertags.

  • I agree PdH

  • how to make what mattertag always showed the inscription, without causing the finger at mattertag ???? when customers will see matertag they think it's just point and immediately passes by matertag

  • Unfortunately, at this time it's not possible to choose whether a Mattertag Post is expanded or collapsed. They will always be collapsed until the visitor rolls over it with the cursor.

  • This would seem like rather quirky behavior that would be VERY good in a small number of use cases. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the sort of thing we might be able to do later in the year using the SDK.

  • This is a great idea hopefully something will come of it

  • @benholmes @Chris Hickman @Peter de Halle @Bill
    This product suggestion has been made

    Its about increasing 'attention grabbing content', 'emotional appeal' and keeping audience attention.

    See here and vote:

    Video, Photos, Music, Voice overs

  • Yes this would be an awesome feature. When Mattertag was announced first a while ago MP said it will support full HTML-Tags, which would have allowed this. But for the not advanced user some default options like the ones mentioned would be very nice.

    On the we get around forum we´re also discussing the options about more interactive and animated content within the panorama, e.g. to see the waves of the ocean in motion when you look outside a window or a sparkling fireplace. But that´s far more advanced. Nevertheless the user experience will increase a lot with such a feature.

  • I agree! I just bought my Matterport (he hasn't even been delivered) and the one thing I asked the sales person was if this feature was on the roadmap. I too have 3DVista and a pano set-up but the workflow is much longer than Matterport. If I could embed stills and videos Matterport becomes standard offering and I wouldn't have to move between solutions.

  • Yes -- not only would this be great, but it would allow me to package additional services with Matterport scanning (including stills and video). Please add-it!

  • Agree, this would add another big layer to Matterport for us as one of the largest agencies using Matterport in the UK. Would offer expansion of this particular service which would mean more business for us and more for Matterport. Win:Win!

  • I think I missed this initially as your post covered multiple great ideas.

  • Ideal Chris, well done for your research and recommendation to Matterport! Ad the ability to size and locate said thumbnail to suit the scene so to speak and Matterport would have a way better offering. Next if we can have something very similar for a floorplan schematic with scan locations AND Pop up thumbnail to show off the either an image or the complete 360 from the scan then it will be competitive! Do you think this could work?

  • I hope that all of these things are in the pipeline. Wouldn't it be great if we could have our Schematic Floorplans available to add to our highlight reel? Would be pretty wonderful.

  • If Matterport want to blow away the competition an interactive floorplan schematic style must be a priority ... as discussed elsewhere today on a post by JC Coetzee related to the 2-question-Survey on 360s being able to locate scan positions on the floorplan would be 1st prize!

    Then, a hover over the scan position (either on floor plan or prime screen) would show, if created/ loaded, either [1] a scene image, or [2] the 360, or [3] a video or image like Matterport presented by Lionsgate Films. These in a secondary pop up and a click on the scan position would take user to that scan spot to enable explore.

    Update: there is potential shared revenue with pop ups - we could link to commercial urls for 'relevant' products or services. This however must be at the discretion of the MSP or our client.

    @JC Coetzee

  • I just spoke with a Museum and they were blown away by Matterport -- but they want to be able to embed an audio tour (an audio file or a streamed file from another service) into the matter tags. So I hope this help reinforce the need to embed multi-media content into matter tags. I really think adding this functionality will help Matterport (and us service providers) really break out past real-estate and into long-term hosted projects (read monthly recurring revenue for us -- more spaces needed for Matterport).

  • Almost every new client asks about music. The latest is a wedding march in a church sanctuary.

    This product suggestion has been made

    Its about increasing 'attention grabbing content', 'emotional appeal' and keeping audience attention.

    See here and vote:

    Video, Photos, Music, Voice overs



  • If Matterport appended the current scan id to the URL and updated it in real time, it around be possible to do a massive number of things.

    If you hit the u key during a tour, a url box appears that contains location information. If this information were accessible from outside of the frame during navigation, there are a lot of potential use cases for launching content from the parent frame.

    The API/SDK could not come sooner. I have so many ideas and want to create custom solutions!


  • @Chris , I will be using the Mattertags for a client of mine plus couple of others, it is a great tool,

  • The Media add on is awesome. However, it will be nice if we can stretch the video window for better viewing instead of full screen view. I any case I delighted we have this featire now. Opens up tons of oppurtunities.

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