Maintenance or Calibration of MP Camera


One area I've been concerned about is how to maintain my MP camera and keeping it in good working order. I am very careful about transporting it, day to day use as well as how it's stored.

Despite being careful the MP Camera, like most things with moving parts, will need a maintenance or a calibration from time to time to ensure it's working at it's peak performance.

Does MP perform a maintenance or any type of calibration on the MP cameras like someone would get on a car? Potentially there is a third party that provides this service?

I would love to hear your feedback. Matterport Community Managers, feel free to jump in :)

Thank you



  • @dmorell51

    can you say a little more about what your questions are around this topic? Thanks!

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  • I think Dan's question is, Is there any preventive maintenance that needs to be done to the camera over time due to all it's moving parts to keep it running for a lot longer.

    Any calibration requirements over time?

    I understand the oldest camera's are still only about 2 years old, so the long term issues haven't come up yet.

    I've experienced louder than usual whining while rotating on my older camera vs my newer camera, is that something that can be oiled or cleaned out to maintain?

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  • These are really good questions about the hardware. I too treat mine like a new born baby. I've used the same camera for over 3 years and the 'whining' seems to come and go and there hasn't been any maintenance so far.

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