Slow support response

I'm in the UK and unfortunately I had an accident with my camera at the end of my first scan! This has damaged something internally in the camera and it now needs to be returned for repair.

I sent my first enquiry to Support on Thursday at 14.58 GMT, including the Serial Number in the email title, plenty of time to get a response that day I thought.

I received a response on Friday at 22.05 GMT from Chris H, very polite but he asked me for the serial number which I had already supplied. I responded immediately hoping it could be dealt with that day so I could sort the shipping out over the weekend.

It's now Tuesday 10.30 GMT and I've still not heard back.

This is very frustrating, I now have a $5000 brick and my first space has generated a lot of interest that I cannot fulfil (my fault I realise) but this delay is not helpful when all I'm waiting for is an RMA number and an address to return the device to.

This slow level of support is not very encouraging and makes me wonder just how long I'm going to be waiting once I've returned my camera.

Also the requirement to use a shipping agent is a real PITA as well, considering that most freight companies such as FedEx, UPS etc deal with most of the customs and import duties.

Not a happy bunny at the moment.



  • Hi there @David Hothersall -- thanks for this, and I'm sorry for the frustration. I'm checking in with the team now, it looks like we're experiencing some abnormal delays, though I know that doesn't solve the immediate issue. More soon!

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  • Hi @MP-Scott, thanks for your intervention, Chris H has now emailed me.

    The frustration I have/had is that I will probably be unable to send my camera back until next week now as my schedule has me travelling until late Saturday. I appreciate that isn't your company's fault but frustrating nonetheless :)

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  • Hi David

    I am considering purchasing a 3D camera and starting a business in the UK.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts & experiences of the camera & how your business has progressed.




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