09/28/16 - CoreVR Live Q&A -- Have a question? Ask here!

Matterport's CoreVR is coming on October 3, with full details available then!

But what if you already have questions? Great!

Ask them here -- and make sure to Like other questions you're interested in, so we know which ones are most important to you!

Matterport's VR experts will be answering your questions live this Thursday, September 29 from 10am-11am PDT during a special CoreVR Q&A. We may not be able to answer every question, but we'll do the best we can!

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If you just can't wait, read the CoreVR FAQ on our Support site.

UPDATE: We are working hard at CoreVR version for iOS! Thank you for your feedback!



  • I do not understand why matterport would bring this feature to launch without solving a huge problem. The app is still not supported on a huge demographic of iOS users. The majority of MSP clients are realtors who use iOS devices, if this feature doesn't appeal to all of our prospects then why even advertise it until it does.

    This has little if any impact on my business, where if they solved the iOS compatibility problem it would have a significant impact.

  • Pay for the camera 5K. Pay monthly to use the camera ($100 plus) and NOW pay $19 each scan for the (by your own name CoreVR... seriously. That should be your Core functionality. The reason NEW clients will join you. I can do VR without you for much less. You had me.

  • Pay for the camera 5K. Pay monthly to use the camera ($100 plus) and NOW pay $19 each scan for the (by your own name CoreVR... seriously. That should be your Core functionality. The reason NEW clients will join you. I can do VR without you for much less. You had me.

  • EDIT: Since a lot people are asking for it, please vote for CoreVR for iOS by hitting Like on that thread! More votes = higher priority!

    Thanks for your feedback, @joshroberts! We're definitely working towards supporting our virtual reality apps across all iOS devices, and should have something soon. Because Android-devices have been historically more VR-friendly -- and due to a growing number of customers asking us for it -- we decided to launch as soon as CoreVR for Android was ready.

    I'll see if I can get any more info. In the mean time, if you need any additional support, please let us know!

  • Hi there @ken-1! Every conversion between now and the end of the year is free. So any Spaces you've created to date, and any more you create in 2016, are available for no charge. If you see lots of value, terrific! If not, then no reason to keep converting spaces. Hope that helps!

    UPDATE: One of the CoreVR team helpfully suggested checking out this article: I can't open a Matterport VR Space -- let me know if that works!

  • How is none of this available on iPhones. I am sure if you did a survey you would find 90% of your clients are using an iPhone. Please add this to iOS.

  • I have Google Cardboard that works great with my iPhone. Will this still not work?

  • EDIT: Since a lot people are asking for it, please vote for CoreVR for iOS by hitting Like on that thread! More votes = higher priority!

    Hi there, @mike3720! I'm not sure if you saw the post above, but we're absolutely intending to release this for iOS too! Android was ready to go faster, so we launched to help those customers, but more coming soon!

  • I can not agree more, I know almost no one that owns an andriod. Everybody I do business with has an iphone. I personally consider iphone the bigger partner in this. Even if Android is VR friendly somehow more than iphone which I don't know about. I have tons of VR apps I use on my iphone without a hitch. However I do understand that it takes time. But I remember when we first purchased the matterport I was super excited about the VR capability. Only to find out I needed an android to take advantage of the VR. Huge dissappointment. I really hope you guys can get the iphone versions up and running because this will dramatically change everything for all of us.

  • EDIT: Since a lot people are asking for it, please vote for CoreVR for iOS by hitting Like on that thread! More votes = higher priority!

    We hear you loud and clear, @sandy! Thank you for understanding that it takes time -- but, as you and others have said, the iOS user base is huge, and we want to get something incredible out to you as soon as we can! :-)

  • I have an android for showing GearVR and MPVR Showcase to clients, helps win business. Tell me though, I just installed the update to the app (MPVR Cardboard), and am not seeing the previous spaces available under shared with me. How do we populate the app with the new VR content? Thanks, this is good news, been waiting for this for some time! Hoping that there is more stability in the app (not prone to crashing) after the update too...

  • just watched the vimeo link, okay, now i got prob, lots of additional features

  • I'm noticing some inconsistency with the disabled scans. Many of the disabled scans are still showing up in both Occulus GearVR and VR Showcase for Cardboard. What's the fix for this? In VR we have to reduce the number of sweep spots dramatically so as not to have a sea of dots and to cover large areas, and I can't figure out why these spots haven't been repressed in the VR as well. For the "white glove" VR, we made a duplicate model, labeled it VR, and then reduced the number of active scans to deal with this problem. Should there be a different expectation around disabled scans in CoreVR?

  • I've posted this on the other thread but thought it was worth listing here as well.

    While I agree that iOS support is important for completeness, good quality mobile VR is presently best supported on Android via the Samsung Gear HMD and the S6/7 range of phones, and unless Apple 'pull their finger out' it's likely to remain that way for a while.

    I have a long history with VR,( since the early '90s) and its always been clear that the best hardware/presentation medium possible at the time is essential to meet clients expectations and at the moment Cardboard is not it.

    The new version of cardboard 'Daydream' is also Andriod orientated and will improve matters but if you really want to impress with an immersive VR tour then I don't think the investment required to buy a new or pre owned Samsung and a Gear HMD is that significant compared to the funds already laid out for the Matterport camera.

    Just to show I'm not an Android 'fanboy' I have been a long term iPhone owner, all versions 1 through 5 but bought an Edge S7 specifically for VR and its now my main phone!

  • Statistically Android has a much larger installed base in smartphones than iPhones (roughly 80% compared to 20%) so saying that 90% of users have Apple devices exclusively is somewhat blinkered.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere I've had iPhones from 1 through 5 so I'm not an Android 'fanboy'

    I have always believed that the way to deliver the best experience for clients is to have the best tools and like it or not for mobile VR the best tool right now is a Samsung Gear and Samsung S7.

  • Out of curiosity I thought I´d check our analytics as I thought 90 % sounded high, we had 3650 out of 4000 hits from iPhones! I´m going to wait with informing any clients until the iOS app is ready :)

  • I`ve got three questions:

    Are you working on a web-vr version to enable an in-browser VR experience without the need to download an app? (Downloading apps or plugins is always a threshold were we´ll loose users along the way)

    Will you at any point be support an Occulus Rift based version for computer based VR? (This would be great for POS VR experiences where you can have an Occulus tethered to a VR station without someone watching it or helping the viewers, museums etc.)

    When the VR icon is enabled on October 3rd, what happens when you click the icon if you don´t have the app installed. Will you be re-directed to the system requirements page or to the Matterport app download pages (choose cardboard or Samsung)? (It´s paramount to reduce the number of clicks a user needs to perform before they are in the VR experience, the system requirements page will scare visitors away).

  • I think... the very fact that we are all interested in this NEW Tech means that we are way ahead of he curve (we have to be) and in OUR bubble our clients are usually higher tech with higher tech toys which is why we see a larger percentage of IPhones related to general population (tech perception) US having the best gear to view VR is good but if our typical clients cannot see our awesome creations then all our expensive gear is just pretty paper weights. It on the way. VR will change and morph. Stay up to date. Keep learning but relax... the next two years is going to fun... and pricey. WE will have to find new and creative way to help our clients show off our awesome creations

  • I am very excited about offering this to my clients. I would love to see some MSP marketing photos that I can use.

    Thanks Scott for all your hard work!

  • I'm really glad to see the Core VR introduced and am looking forward to using it with current clients, and to help generate new clients.

  • Have you worked out the price for CustomVR yet?

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for writing in. We are gathering now and will start answering your questions shortly. We hope to get through as many of these questions as we are able.

    - Matterport VR

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am Ashish and I lead all VR initiatives at Matterport. Quite excited about bringing CoreVR to the Matterport community. Thanks for writing in. I am looking forward to answering the questions posted here today.


  • Thanks Robin. These are great questions.

    Breaking it down into three separate responses due to character limit.

    WebVR version:

    Yes, we will be supporting WebVR based experiences in the future. Additionally, we are watchfully waiting for commonly available versions of mainstream browsers to support WebVR natively. This native support is extremely important for offering good user experience and consistent performance across devices. The workarounds that exist today require making many compromises around performance and broad spread support across devices

  • Support for Oculus Rift and other tethered room-scale experiences:

    We do not have near term plans of supporting Oculus Rift or other room-scale VR experiences. Currently we are focused on mass market based VR experiences that offer the best combination of affordability, portability, performance and photo realistic experience. But we are carefully following developments in room-scale VR platforms.

  • Regarding the UX after clicking the VR button once it is enabled on October 3rd:
    • If you are on a supported Android phone and you do not currently have either app installed, you will be redirected to the Matterport VR app page in the Google Play Store or the Oculus Store, depending on which icon you tap.
    • If you are on a supported Android phone and you have either Matterport VR app installed, the Android App chooser appears, and you tap the VR app.
    • If you neither of the Matterport VR apps are installed and you select to open the link in a Browser from the Android App chooser, you will be redirected to the VR System Requirements page.

    Hello @hopscotchinteractive,

    Sorry for any the confusion. Currently Workshop only affects Web Showcase. Any changes you make in Workshop will not affect the CoreVR space at this time.

    With CoreVR, we have automatically removed many of the extra points for you so that you do not need to do this step yourself.

    We are working on a new version of our Workshop tool specifically tailored for VR. Once this is available, you will be able to easily edit what scan points are used in VR. Workshop for VR should be out later this year.


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

  • Another great question. Thanks joshroberts, Sandy and David for asking. It is always good to know how excited our community is about upcoming offerings.

    We are already hard at work on VR support for iOS! We plan on releasing a Cardboard app for iOS later this year. VR Spaces currently visible on Android will also be visible on iOS with no additional conversion necessary. We’re as excited as you are to get iOS support, though we wanted to launch CoreVR for Android Cardboard and GearVR as soon as it was ready as opposed to waiting until it was ready for iOS as well.

  • Hi there @Les Baker! I'll defer to the marketing team who's in here too, but thanks for the kind words -- I know the developers and product folks appreciate hearing back!

    UPDATE from our marketing team:

    Awesome! We’re glad you’re excited to share! We’re definitely working on providing our MSPs with additional marketing materials they can use, so make sure to login to the MSP portal in the next couple of weeks for more information.

  • Great point David. Gear VR indeed offers the best combination of performance and mobility at the moment.

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