Can Matterport create a database of properties with an API that we can access so that people can search our local areas for tours?

It would be great for our customers to be able to search areas for homes that are on the market that have virtual tours. I have setup a site that has a list of all the properties I have scanned. This is not brokerage or agent specific. This allows our customers to search for any home with a scan.



  • @jrbatchelor great idea!


  • So I went out to this site and from what I saw you have to upload links to your scans. I'll look again, but it would be nice to be able to see "all" public Matterport models in the area so that all the Matterport scans can be searched. Then it would be as simple as creating an option in the site to classify the model as residential, industrial, and so forth.

  • I mentioned howner because no matter what, MSPs will need to approve that their tours be included in any public database. It would be VERY nice if Matterport would provide a little checkbox in the Matterport Portal to be included in a publicly searchable database with a RESTful API. Missed opportunity. I could have something like this written in a weekend -- and I'm not saying that to brag -- Matterport have ALL of the components in place and integrating information with Google Maps is NOT very hard.

    I think that the core issue with Matterport and features is not technical issues -- it's determining which of these ideas add value to their platform that is easy to communicate and profitable in marketing. Worst thing is to make a kitchen sink tool that is confusing. That's why it's important IMHO to release a 3rd party API!!!

  • Agreed it would be nice to have the capability to share with the world as an option within the portal vs just the Matterport link. Thanks for the feedback!

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