Fix internal ID for matter port processing

I have seen this a few times now, because of the system that matter port uses for naming files, occasionally if a model is re-uploaded into the system with fixes or changes, the system will count the new upload as a new model with the full processing occurring on it. I will have to double check, but I actually believe that I have been billed twice on a couple of models because of this. Even if it isn't double billing because it is creating a new model instead of replacing the old one, it is very wasteful spacewise and will add a significant load to the servers processing multiple scans from scratch that could have simply been modified.



  • Hi there @zack, I'm not quite sure what you're asking for. Do you want the model revisions to overwrite prior versions? For example, if you upload V1, and then edit and upload V2, do you want V2 to replace V1?

    If so, we opted to avoid that, so there was no way users could accidentally overwrite existing models. In other words, no matter what, users can always fall back to prior versions. Thoughts?

    Also, you shouldn't be billed for re-upload or copies. See this support article -- definitely contact support if you think there's something wrong!

  • I thought it was going to be set up so that v2 replaced v1, mainly because this seems like a lot of wasted server space, especially given the size of the models. Will have to look over the billing though.

  • Got it, thanks @zack! Given the above, is the behavior you outlined would you'd prefer?

  • The biggest reason that it would be preffered that V2 replaces or edits V1 is that it will save time for a few things. The first is if you have to go back and redo a spot, or something does work quite right, you don't have to redo things like the highlight reel. The second reason is that if you have already sent out the I-frame code, and URL's to any agents/brokers, you dont have to go back and redestribute that information and have them replace it in all of their listings.

  • Hi @Zack I understand the desire to have it replace the original file, but there are often times I create a second or third copy of a Space for a client where writing over V1 would not work. It is frustrating to have to go back and recreate the finished Space.

    One thing I now do with every Space I create is to do a preliminary walkthrough using the 3D Showcase before I use Workshop to make changes and create a Reel, etc.

    I include exterior shots with almost all my residential Spaces and have found there are doorways I can walk through in Workshop, that are impassable in Showcase.

  • I definitely would not want V2 to replace V1 as I routinely use multiple versions for my Real Estate clients. I create custom floor plans and and a lot of times the client will not want the Garage (or other area of the house) included in the final Showcase. In these cases, I scan the entire house, upload so that I can get all the specifications. I then delete the areas that the client doesn't want to see and re-upload and create the final Showcase for them. I can always delete the model I'm not using.

  • I do see a use for V2 overwriting V1, as long as it's a 'switch' controlled by the MSP. Sometimes I just want to create a whole new version, and to @zack points, if you've already created a Reel and MTags and beed to just make a 'tweak' it would be nice to overwrite but save previous features created.

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