This is a challenge to MSPs regarding Novel use of @Matterport Virtual 3D Tour and Mattertags

2016_12_06 Update. #360MannequinChallenge removed.

This is a challenge to MSPs to introduce a Novel use of @Matterport Virtual 3D Tour and Mattertags - Like this done 'To introduce staff' like Harcourts North Vancouver here

1. Introduce a new use case for Matterport



  • Very cool!!!


  • Hi @simonmodera Not only is this way way cool, but really shows an innovative way for showcasing a company's offices and people. We need to have a way to save our iPad Capture models for future use. Example would be when an employee leaves - it might be possible to go into the original model, delete the scan point with the person that's gone, and re-shoot it with the new person. If the people were 'properly staged' in the original model with this in mind, it might be a method of residual income with 'update' scans. Thoughts?????

  • Hey @Bill Thanks for the comment. Appreciate the suggestion, will get to that but some context first. They contacted me after a successful shoot, MP and Trad. This may not have happened as it started out as a request for video but I was determined not to let the opportunity slip away. So I offered a free Proof of Concept.

    I was excited when I learned they had individual staff pages open to the public. But on discussion and a collaboration on proof of concept experiments we received the CEO's approval.

    As it turns out I did impromptu 1080p30 video too of some even funnier Mannequin 'stances' for internal social media fun. ( Done with iPad - directly after the Matterport Shoot - yes all my eggs in one basket for a couple hours) , did the whole post production thing etc but they requested the raw for own editing. I cant wait to see that.

    Back to the #360MannequinChallenge. This has been put out on social media (on the heels of a video #MannequinChallenge run on Facebook 2 weeks back. Getting quite a few comments! Hoping it drives up MSP demand.

    Finally, to your suggestion. I have offered to keep the model and extend with other / new staff in due course. This means keeping the capture model in my iPad. I typically keep those - at least for the duration of the hosting commitment in cases where I may leverage in much the way you suggest. If its RE and sells then it becomes target to remove during 'housekeeping'. Totally agree we should have an easier way provided in the capture app to create a file to 'export' to Dropbox or similar to store them offline (without using iExplore or iTunes) AND 'recover / import' easily. I believe this should also apply to processed models too. The hosting debate aside for the moment, this should be the case and is standard business data management practice even for cloud services such as

  • Thank you both @Alexandre Cupolo and @Lisa Hinson

  • @simonmodera Really appreciate this post of yours. I joined the local Chamber of Commerce yesterday and will be shooting with the employees at desks or around the room. I have seen the Mannequin Challenge and some of them are really great! Anyways - great idea and great execution!

  • Thanks @Lisa Hinson

    the #360MannequinChallenge aspect has been toned down by the client - they want this presentation to have a longer life than a quick social media challenge :-)

    Perhaps we should have this 'MSP challenge run within MSP till, say end March?, and have @Matterport-Scott declare the top 3? Just a thought.


  • Great idea!

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