A shoutout to Matterport Referrals

I just want to give a thank you to Matterport for sending a referral my way. I'll be meeting with this client tomorrow to do a walk-through of their 6000 square-foot office building. The cool thing is that they are an investment company and are interested in showing their clients their new space, giving them a way to be connected and familiar with the changes. Matterport is definitely not only for real estate!




  • Awesome Liz!!

  • Thanks @Lisa Hinson, I couldn't have done it without your generous support!

  • Hi there @Liz G McDermott, thanks for the kind words -- I will pass it on the to team here! Glad to know things are off to a great start!

  • Hi @Liz

    I just saw this post. How did the scan go? I love the use case, and investment company interested in showing their clients their new space. I haven't heard of that situation before, specific to an investment company, so it caught my attention.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Hi Linda,

    The job is tomorrow. The space is very modern and is going to be a challenge, with the exception of the exterior walls, all walls are glass! I did a tiny test and think if I mark them as mirrors, I'll be able to get it done. I'll share a link when it's finished!

  • You may also have to scan closer together if you aren't getting alignment.

  • Hi @Liz G McDermott - look forward to seeing the model!

  • @Liz G McDermott - Love the use-case for Matterport. Very excited to see the link when it's done! Also, please be sure to share your finished space with to potentially be featured as our MSP of the month!

  • Finally, I get to share this wonderful space! I believe they will add linked mattertags in the future, they just want to use more text than is currently allowable. Thanks again Matterport for your fantastic referral program. I am getting great exposure with your help!

  • Truly beautiful! Superb job Liz!

  • Thank you, Lisa!

  • Hi Liz. I have just got the camera and am interested in business scan as well as the property work. This looks great. Can I ask how many scans did you do? Also one of my clients was asking how we link to Google maps, can you help/advise cheers Peter @G McDermott

  • @Liz G McDermott. THANK YOU for sharing this space! You did a nice job on the capture and it helps, I think, for everyone to see these other use cases, beyond real estate.

    Matterport Linda

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