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Is there a way for MSP's and/or customers to search for a MSP in their area besides the "Find a Photographer" request form. It would be nice to see who and how many MSP's are in the respective areas with links to their sites. Select a state, city, then provider, etc.



  • Interesting idea.

  • Looking for an untapped market?

  • @simonmodera No just would like to see mainly if my listing is actually posted for my areas but would also be nice to see how many actual active MSPs there are in my area as well.

  • Hi @adam Thanks for the question! We currently don't have another way to search for local MSPs besides our Find a Photographer form but we're exploring ideas on how you can better connect with MSPs in your area. We'll keep you posted.

    We also have you confirmed in our internal database. If you'd like more details regarding your location, I'd be happy to email you directly. Cheers!

  • @jessicaadmin, Thank you for the update, I'm just surprised not even 1 lead in 2 months. Just wondering what people get when they fill our the find a photographer form. Maybe a little more transparency on Matterports part otherwise just allow anyone to search by state and city and see who is listed.

  • Hey @Adam! Check out this community post about leads, it might be helpful.

    In short: when someone fills out a find a photographer form, they either opt into or out of a direct introduction to MSPs.

    For leads who opt out of a direct introduction, meaning they wanted to do their own outreach to self-select the local MSP who best fits their needs: we'll send up to 3 local MSPs' contact information to the lead, and the lead does their own outreach from that point forward. That is why it is very important to have the most up to date scan service offerings, logos, and Matterport Service Partner badge on your website. We match MSPs based on local proximity to leads who come in requesting a scan service

    For leads who opt into an introduction: we'll directly introduce the lead via email with up to 3 MSPs, based on local proximity to the lead requesting a scan service. We send an email to the lead and the MSP with all of the MSP's contact information included in the body of the email, and also include the name, email address, and phone number of the scan service lead to help ensure everyone connects.

    Hope this is helpful!

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