RELEASED - Link Mattertag to a 360 view or use 360 view as part of tour.

Is there a way sense we now have the ability to take a 360 outdoor view to link that to the actual Matterport scan. I would love the ability to be able to use it as another point in the walking tour of a scan to transition from inside to outside sense we can not actually do outdoor scans very well. I know you can add the pictures from the 360 to the highlight reel but I was wondering if we can actually use the entire 360 image and just transition to it.



  • Great idea, @Kevin! Do you mind if I move this to Product Suggestions? I know we are actively looking at several ways to continue building out 360 Views, and I'd love other users to be able to weigh in.

    Thank you, also, for detailing how/why you'd want to use this feature!

  • Thank you... Please move to product suggestion, and let me know if you need a tester as well :)

    The Last two scans we did all wanted this and we had to just use the highlight real picture to showcase the backyard. ... as they all had really nice outdoor areas and wanted to showcase them.

  • Being able to use a MTag or 'Scan point' inserted into the 3D Space for a 360 View would be very helpful. The highlight Reel affords the opportunity to see the 360, but being able to transition to/from it within the walk-through would assure better viewing of the 360's by the user.

  • I'd better have a true integration of the 360° Views for the overall walkthrough experience.

    It's possible: to explain how, I've added this product suggestion:
    "True" 360° Views integration into the walkthrough, by editing in Workshop

  • Antonio - Only problem is that there's no 3D Mesh, so it would require a different transition. Matterport's Showcase platform is extremely refined and I know that they want consistency in how it operates. For that reason, Mattertags for links make the most sense to me.

  • Yes, it would require a different transition: e.g. like in CoreVR with fade to black, or anything else that makes sense.

    But it would be fine, because the 360° Views are used mostly for outdoors or detached locations.

    So e.g. you're out of the house (360° View), get in -> fade to/from black and enter in the true 3D mesh, enjoying the skybox of that true scan point. Same, for the reverse.

    Or, you're out of the house (360° View), and there's an "artificial scan point" near the entrance of a garage box there, using the "artificial floor" technique that I've explained in my proposal. There's another 360° View for the inside of that garage box. So when you go towards that artificial scan point, fade to/from black and you're into that new 360° View. Same, for the reverse.

    The 360° Views would anyway be not included into the Dollhouse: my described technique is for an effective integration in the walkthrough, which would make basically any space possible ;) The possibility of putting Mattertags into the 360° Views would then complete the integration.

  • Happy to say Mattertag Links should now allow what you're describing, I think!

  • Any chance that we could LINK (make public) the 360 view? Just like you are able to have a url and send it to others to view the walkthrough. Is there a way to the exact same thing for a 360 photo? create a link and send it to someone?

  • I'm not sure if this is an answer for your question, but if you share the URL of the 360° View (getting it with the "U" key, while staying in a 360° View) then the tour will start with it.

    You could use a URL shortener to easily address and share any 360° View in a tour.

    Of course, that will actually provide the full tour, so one will be free to click anywhere else in the highlight reel. If you don't want that: I've never tried, but it could be an experiment to see what happens if the highlight reel is disabled (from Workshop) - probably this is not possible when there are 360° Views, but feel free to try (and let us know :)

  • Thanks @Antonio Orlando,

    That's right, the "U" key on your key board will work for providing a deep link directly to the 360° View. To get that, however, you first have to place the 360° View in the Highlight Reel and then open the Space in 3D Showcase to access the 360° View and copy the deep link.

    Once you have that, you should even be able to remove the 360° View from the Highlight reel, even delete the Snapshot all together, and it will still work.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks. I got the 360 degree view into the highlight reel and published. Now where do I find access to the highlight reel in the 3D Showcase?

  • Make sure the Highlight Reel is activated in Workshop and then Publish. You'll see the Highlight Reel at the bottom of the 3D Showcase frame. Go straight to the 360° View to use the "U" key. Once you have the deep link, you no longer need the 360 View in the Highlight Reel.

  • Thanks for the help. Finally go it to work. for highlight reel to activate I needed to put a snapshot into the reel as well. It wouldn't activate with just a 360 degree photo in there.

  • Yes, I'm sorry I forgot to mention that part. The Highlight Reel does still require at least one Snapshot from a 3D scan too.

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