Bone To Pick About New Leads

Got a bone to pick with Matterport on the way that they handle leads for service partner requests. The other day I was sitting down talking to one of my friends who happens to be the only other Matterport provider within 100 miles when I brought up one of the leads that I had recently gotten from Matterport, and how the real estate agent was ridiculous (asked for a service provider, I called her within minutes of getting the email notification, she told me they have an in-house photographer and didn't need me, ok whatever.) so that he might get a laugh out of it. I showed him the email because he was curious about the name and that he had gotten an email earlier, and low and behold he had the same email sent out at the same time.

So what does this translate to. First and this should be an immediate fix from Matterport, you are delaying the leads sent. Having worked closely with boat manufactures as their web developer, and having sold cars in my past, every second counts for lead response time. Send the lead as soon as it is received (alternatively the real estate agent could just boarder on being mentally retarded, and if that is the case, and you are sending the leads immediately, nothing to fix.)

Second, this also means that Matterport is double sending leads (may be sending it to even more individuals in large cities.) This IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS. When someone is looking to buy something the last thing they want to do is ask for a price then immediately be bombarded by phone calls. With something like the 3D showcases we do, that will significantly lower the chance of someone buying that service if bombarded with multiple calls.

Matterport, you have been dishonest with how you have handled leads (yes, not telling us how this works is dishonest, and still a lie) I believe this has been done to artificially increase the number of leads we (MP service providers as a whole group) are receiving to justify our own continuing costs of the hosting and processing fees, and to hide a failed attempt to garner significantly more leads through your advertising campaign.



  • with 0 from 4 leads (with time delays) this suggestion of duplicity is disturbing ... specially following the issue regarding Matterport competing with its own MSP customers with low ball cost information

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  • @zack thank you for sharing you comments re leads. I am the VP of Marketing and I would like to address your concerns.

    As you are aware, one of the benefits of our MSP program is receiving pre-qualified local leads seeking 3D scanning services. We try our best to match Matterport Service Partners to leads who come in requesting a scan service based on local proximity. On our Find a Photographer Form, by the opt-in, we have the explanation of our lead program, and try to be very transparent about how our program works: “By submitting this form, I give Matterport permission to share my contact information with up to 3 Matterport Service Partners in my area.” This has been our process since the program launched and I apologize if it was ever unclear.

    We have a few reasons why we match each scan service lead with up to 3 MSPs:

    1. There is significant variability across MSPs, in terms of service offerings, availability, geography and pricing. By introducing leads with up to 3 MSPS in their area, we encourage each lead to potentially interact with a few MSPs so they can find the best match:based on budget, availability, geography, and turnaround time. A happy lead is one that will buy from you repeatedly, so the better the match, the better it is for everyone involved.
    2. After surveying scan service leads from 2016, we found that many never connected with an MSP, so that is another reason we match with up to 3 local Service Partners. We encourage MSPs to be extremely responsive - a delayed reply could result in a lost sale. We actively monitor our network of scan leads for feedback, and fast response time is correlated with conversion rate, as you pointed out.

    Our scan lead volume has increased significantly over the past 3 months and this has stretched the limits of our previous system. Given this, improving the speed and rate at which we match leads with MSPs has become a top priority and we have recently invested in improved matching automation. Our new system will be in beta shortly and we hope to have it in production in a few weeks. With the new system, the matching process will be taken down to less than 2 minutes per lead :)

    I hope that this sheds some light on how we match our leads with MSPs. You might also find this community thread interesting, or this one here, to better understand all that we are doing to support the MSPs and how lead matching operates. I trust that you will see added benefits for increased timeliness of matching shortly.

    Thank you again for sharing your comments on our community!

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  • I was not aware that any MSP Referrals that I receive may have also gone out to a few other people. This will affect how I respond as I now know that I may be bidding against others.

    I don't see this as a negative thing -- it's actually a decent practice and I agree with it. I would also love to affirm that in the past month I've received a record number of referrals from Matterport compared to any month in 2016.

    I would like to make a few suggestions:

    1. The subject 'Meet Your Matterport Service Partner" for the e-mail that is sent out would lead one to believe that only a single referral was made. Could 'Meet [Name], a valued Matterport Service Partner' be considered as it would not only differentiate the 2-3 referrals that are given in the subject line, but also make it seem less like only one referral was made?

    2. The e-mail that -I- receive asks the customer to connect with me. Does this mean it's bad form for me to reach out to them? Could a field be provided when a request is made for preferred contact method? (I would like the MSP to call me / I would like to call the MSP during my own schedule).

    I hope these are constructive suggestions!

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  • These are great suggestions @Chris Hickman. I think you should def reach out to the customers as well. And I will pass to the team - I am sure they can do the first, and will need to hear back from the on the second one.

    Love the ideas! Linda

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  • Hi @Chris Hickman!
    1. We used the same email subject line the same across all matching emails so the lead would have all matches consolidated in one thread. However, this is a great suggestion and as we launch the new lead automation tool, we can definitely code this to include the name of the MSP in the subject line.
    2. I can confirm that our existing intro email template says the following: "We've received your request for a Service Partner in your area, and would like to introduce you to [MSP], an MSP that services your zip code. Please get in touch at your earliest convenience to learn about their services, pricing, and to schedule a 3D scanning appointment." We can certainly tweak this verbiage to make it clearer. Note that we purposely cc the MSP on the match email so that you can reach out to the lead (and also include the lead's contact information in the body of the email to increase your ability to sync up). The leads who are receiving these types of matches have already opted-into being connected. So to summarize: please reach out! Doesn't matter who does it first as long as you connect :)

    Thank you for the suggestions!

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  • I've taken the time to review the e-mails that I receive and read your response carefully. I think that like @zach, I was under the impression that the MSP leads that I received were unique to me as they lacked any clear directions for ME as the MSP and they were phrased in a manner that one -could- perceive that they were they only MSP to receive the lead.

    I think that the way you guys are doing this makes PERFECT sense. Perhaps my final suggestion on this topic would be to send a different e-mail to the MSP in the future that makes this distinction. Perhaps a disclaimer that only the MSP receives. It might be helpful for folks like myself and @zachd

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  • I may have been confused but I saw that Matterport sent me an email saying that they have given my name to a client but it read like the client is expected to contact me first. So I waited 2 days and then emailed the client to let her know that I was willing to travel to her area and she was ecstatic! We worked it out that I would perform the scan the very next day, 3 days after I received the email. She received the link and embed code by 7pm that day and that made her very happy.

    The problem is that she told me she had emailed a complaint back to Matterport saying that their recommended MSP did not contact her. So my questions are, 1. Does Matterport expect MSP's to make first contact? and 2. Does Matterport connect negative emails to a MSP and if so, can that be corrected?

    My goal is to reach 75% utilization and by being a preferred MSP I can achieve that goal. I don't want Matterport to think I take all this lightly by not staying on top of their leads because up to this point I see the email within a couple of hours of receiving it, and I hate negative feedback.

    To date, I have received 3 leads and completed 2 scans with those leads...and I very much appreciate the program.

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  • I don't see any changes in the way that Matterport is providing leads to to the MSP's. The last thread on this was 9 months ago and today we experienced exactly what Zack stated above.

    However, when we responded to the lead (approximately 10 minutes after receiving the email from Matterport) he stated that he had already been contacted by another MSP and scheduled with them. I don't agree with sending the leads to several MSP's and creating a feeding frenzy, but Matterport is going to do what they are going to do in this regard and I do get that it is their prerogative to do so. 

    We have spent thousands of dollars on the equipment, materials promoting the Matterport technology and opportunities to get in to real estate offices and trade shows to promote Matterport. In the time frame that we have been involved with Matterport, this is the first real lead that we have received. 

    When I was contacted by Matterport Support, it sounded as if he already had his canned response in place and was just going through the process. He asked me who I purchased the camera from and I said, "Matterport". He wanted to know who specifically I purchased it from and suggested that I reach out to him.

    I don't expect Matterport to build my business for me, but a little help would be nice. We have created several hundred models, we have been in the program for one year and the fact that we have only received one lead during this time frame is frustrating. Especially when it was literally snatched away from us within 10 minutes. 

    We are extremely disappointed with the way that this program is being operated.


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