Selling Tool: Forbes Feature - "The Future of Real Estate Marketing"

Hi MSPs,

Yesterday, Forbes published a fantastic article highlighting Matterport's technology and our role as a key player in the future of real estate marketing. You can read it here:

This coverage is a huge win for our community and a very powerful sales and marketing tool for you to leverage as an MSP. We've compiled some ideas below for how to get the most out of this Forbes feature:

  1. Send an email to existing clients: the best type of future business comes from existing clients. Reaching out periodically to see if they have additional scan service needs is a quick and easy win. A reminder/teaser email featuring your MSP company and Matterport's recent coverage may be just what your existing client base needs to lock in a new scan service.
  2. Share this article with potential customers who are on the fence about purchasing a scan service: this article is a highly influential selling tool. Use it and the industry influence that comes from a publication like Forbes to persuade your potential client to purchase a Matterport scan service.
  3. Point to this article on social media: generate new leads in your professional and personal networks by spreading the word about Matterport and your services on social channels. Highlight this specific article and tag Forbes and the author R.L Adams to really stand out as a thought leader.

Here are a few of our favorite excerpts for you to point to:

  • "In a recent article where I covered virtual reality's impact on three different industries, one of those industries that I covered was real estate. The key player in that industry? Matterport."
  • "If you've never heard of Matterport, then prepare to be impressed. Their camera captures a 3D-dollhouse rendering of any space that can be toured and viewed, not only in virtual reality, but across any device. When real estate agents and home owners are looking for an edge in marketing their homes, condos, offices, yachts and anything else for that matter, they turn to Matterport."
  • "Simply put, pictures just don't do it anymore. Everyone knows that videos have begun springing up across realtors' websites in an effort to better showcase a home. It's obvious that videos help. However, today, a simple video just won't cut it anymore, nor will great photos. Today, for realtors and prospective home owners to set themselves apart in the digital marketing fray, they need 3D models and showcases of their homes."

We hope you enjoy this article as much as we do!




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