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Hello There

Previously, visitors could decide to buy a camera, or hire a local Service Partner.
This option in my opinion is very hidden on your MP website.
The price of the camera has decreased. This makes the decision to buy a camera very easy.
How can you support me, in addition to marketing materials and videos, that local customers are attracted to me?
Or do I see it wrong?

We make advertisements for Matterport in every publication.



  • Hi @Josko,

    I'm very sorry you feel the find a photographer link is more hidden. I felt this way it would be as easy to find as buying a camera. Meaning, if a website visitor is interested in having their site scanned, they would click the BUY MATTERPORT button and then choose whether they want to buy the camera or have a service provider to the work. In fact, we have seen an increase in leads to find a photographer after this change.

    Where would you like to see the find a photographer link? We do our best to listen to feedback from our community and it certainly can have an impact.

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  • Hi @Josko,

    Thanks for the feedback. Amir pretty much summed up everything perfectly. We made this web change intentionally in an effort to drive MORE scan business to MSPs. Our old design had the find a photographer entry point less visible and more buried in the design. Our goal with the new layout was to give a lead very visible options of potential next steps: to purchase a camera or hire a service partner. And it's been working - we have seen a drastic increase in lead traffic to our service partner form since making these layout changes!

    Hope this helps clarify we we made these changes - and know we're doing all we can to help drive more business to our MSPs :)

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  • Thanks for both repeats.

    I see now. Apologise.. I use the yellow BUY Button at the bottom. This link goes directly to the camera.

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