[UPDATED] When will we be able to embed photos and hyper links into mattertags



  • Hi there @twocannman! I moved your post to the "Product Suggestions" category, hope that is OK!

    It's a great question, let me start wit the bad news: As a policy, we can't discuss possible future features. I know, totally no fun.
    On the positive side, there are a LOT of things that Mattertags can do -- including the ones you mentioned. We're doing a lot of investigation into what our users would like, and how they'd like to use new Mattertags features.

    If it's OK by you, I'd love to find out more about what the community would find useful. Specifically:

    - What kinds of content would you like to link to, with Mattertags? Would you want this to open in a new window, in a new tab, or another behavior?

    - What types of photo content would you add into Mattertags? I have some obvious guesses, but curious to hear. Would you want this to open as a lightbox on the same page, with higher resolutions available too? Would it work to just allow links to image URLs, or would you need upload ability too?

    Hope all of that makes sense, and please add comments and LIKE this thread if it's important to you!

  • Mattertags were originally showcased as a large bar that would appear over the right 3rd of the screen. There was a spot for an image at the top, a paragraph below, and I think we assumed that ability to have limited rich text content (hyperlinks, bold, etc.).

    I don't mind how the Mattertags were implemented, however, simply being able to link to an external site (opening in a new tab) and have a photo appear above the title would be ideal and simply makes sense.

  • I think it could open up in another tab. That might be better for the viewer who wants to tackle the information that is being provided in the link.

    In your promotional materials, the Mattertag opens up to a more detailed description with a photo (the range).

  • I'm seconding the sentiment that we all really liked how Mattertags looked in the promotional materials. I understand that in implementation, it might be better for the information to appear BY the marker - however, the inclusion of a photograph and rich text was the mission critical feature we were expecting.

  • Excellent notes, all! Good point on the promotional materials -- to your point, @Chris Hickman, those are sometimes are best thoughts about the direction things are headed, and may not be literal.

    That said, there are some pretty exciting things that could be done with expanded Mattertags functionality. Hearing from you about what's key, what's nice-to-have, and what's unimportant -- as well as a how many users feel the same way -- is absolutely key information for us. It sounds like links, photos, and rich text are pretty important.

    If the feedback is also, "Hey, Mattertags are cool, but we really liked the presentation as shown in the promo materials," that's good to hear, too!

  • Wow... so from now on, I should expect screenshots on as not representing the actual product's current capabilities?

  • While we are on the topic.... I would like to comment on the actual process of creating the tag when placing text in the box. Using arrow keys is not a user friendly way to edit. Would rather be able to cut and paste, delete and backspace.

  • I checked after Mattertags went live and remember clearly that they updated their imagery. The imagery of what Mattertags would be was on the blog and was clearly described as being a preview. It was helpful because I was able to use the imagery to show clients what to expect. While the final product is different, that's common to all software for things to change.

  • Thanks for the reply Scott,

    It would be good if you guys could at least stage the implementation of of these items, basic photos with basic text.

    Then later the ability to add in a hyperlink.

    I will be doing a lot of showrooms, and shopfronts and while adding a mattertag works, my customer want a simple way to link their Showcase to there virtual store, otherwise, while it looks good it won't serve it's full potential.

    Idealy a matterlink, inside the showcase would also be a tremendous benifit to all users.

    Users could hover over an item that becomes highlighted, then clicks, with a new windo opening up.

    Don't get me wrong the product that you guys have created is awsome, and you should be proud of what you have delivered to the world, but please add this functionality. I belive with the emergence and access to the VR landscape that our customers have, in 12 months you could easily triple the number of retail and showroom Showcases on your system.

    I understand that a majority of your business comes from the real estate industry, add this functionality, and i think retail big and small could out strip that market by fifty percent in two to three years.

    Sorry if i got a bit off topic


  • Great notes! Thanks for the perspective, Matt. It's invaluable for us to understand why certain features are useful, and how you'd use them.

  • "Idealy a matterlink, inside the showcase would also be a tremendous benifit to all users. Users could hover over an item that becomes highlighted, then clicks, with a new window opening up."

    Well said Matt. Perfect option. We just finished the 2nd of 4 showrooms for a local Lumber Supply company in our town. They want us to be able to add links as well.

    Love that you said Matterlink. There you go marketers!

  • Aloha All,

    I would love to add photos to the Mattertags. I have problems capturing large ocean views due to the wash out effect of the camera. Being able to add a large photo to drop down with the view would help with that till the wash out effect get fixed. Also, links to my other sites would help me get more sales.



  • I have been experimenting with SeekBeak, another tagging software for 360°'s and what's nice about it is that there are categories & icons for tags. The Mattertags are currently streamlined, with all of the information appearing "equal", but visual cues are so important, so if it is anything other than a lightbox, it would be good to be able to label that and give a visual cue before someone clicks. Something like a $ for retail, a link icon, image icon, there are dozens of other examples. I wouldn't want it to look cluttered, and think the default should remain a standard point, but options are always nice.

  • I have been primarily using MP for homes, but I have many commercial real estate connections and applications I hope to pursue. I believe Mattertags could assist in the 200 scan 10k sqft limitations by combining many models together through hyperlink to other related models for larger commercial applications. An example would be scanning one wing of a building at 15k sf and a Mattertag link to the other wing that contains another 15k sf etc. I know it would not be a contiguous dollhouse, but at least I can connect them through Mattertags. But of course this goes away if the technical limitations are overcome :)

  • This is how I envisioned it also. Have the tag as normal with a learn more or other editable text to then open up a over lay bar on the side with the above mentioned content to drive a sale or add to cart etc. Even the ability to integrate other plugins. The bar can be much like Matterport already has for their website via skins some of the community have created.

  • Right now I'm in dire need of this, many big customers in Ecuador want to work with us, but the space limitation force us to break the spaces in various small models. Hiperlinks and rich content in mattertags would help to make model transition more fluid and simple. Also commercial customers would find invaluable the possibility to attach pictures of their products and links to their web page or virtual catalogue. Also I had and idea form museums and art galleries where in the virtual tour we could small biographies of artist and their photo and link to other works, portfolio or website. I attach a small picture of kind of how I picture this "smart" mattertags


  • I to think the facility to add external web links to Mattertags would be a great idea. Very useful for retailers wanting to create a Virtual Shop.

  • I want to link Tours to Tours absolutely, right now! Imagine a shopping center or such where the viewer could enter each shop through a mattertag URL. As providers, this gives us a solution to keep spaces under control. It has explosive potential and I have identified the need for it right her in my community. PLEASE let us utilize this amazing tool.

  • Great note, @Liz! We found a couple complications but we should have those ironed out, and get this launched out to everyone quite soon! I can promise you, we're hearing loud and clear how important this is!

  • How is this going? Are we gonna get this feature soon?

  • @Matterport-Scott I saw an amazing showcase of Liongate/Krispy Kreme for the Power Rangers movie....with embedded pictures and youtube videos inside the Mattertags, really amazing! This means we can soon enjoy all from this amazing functionality? I'm "embedding" youtube now with Matterlinks, which means it opens the video in a new tab...and then goes back in another new tab to the showcase...not ideal at all. Embedded would make it so much smoother.

  • Yes! This is coming and the Lionsgate promo you saw was a proof of concept or test model. It was all hard coded in so the tool is not quite ready for primetime just yet. But, it is in the production pipeline.

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